Dr. Judity Reisman

Barbadians way ahead of Kinsey in Sexual Deviance

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SEX EDUCATION and ALFRED KINSEY.  A white woman, Dr Judith Reisman, is warning the Freundel Stuart administration about ‘what’, but surely, she really means ‘WHO’, they let into the school system there in Barbados.  TOO LATE, TOO LATE, SHALL BE THE CRY!!

What she should know is: Barbados’s School System is already infiltrated and specially DESIGNED to corrupt children; and that most of the teachers are either bullers, pedophiles or otherwise morally corrupt deviants.  SOMEBODY, tell her!!  Was Ronald Jones present during her speech?  She’s centuries late in her warning.


As to Blackett: there are no ‘foreign’ evils threatening Barbados in terms of sexuality, in fact, much of what the doctor speaks/warns about were tried and already perfected in Barbados.  ALFRED KINSEY’s model of sexuality is a walk in queen’s park in Barbados, pun intended.   There is a pedophile in every home…full stop!   Naked Departure

THE STORY:  A research professor in the United States is cautioning the Freundel Stuart Administration to be careful what it lets into its school system.  While highlighting the work of homosexual scholar Alfred Kinsey, Director of the Child Protection Institute at Liberty University School of Law Dr Judith Reisman told the second annual Barbados Religious Rally on Family, Faith and Freedom at the Bay Street Esplanade last night that Kinsey’s theories have caused a remodelling of the sex laws and behaviours in the US.  Before the gathering that included Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett, the researcher further warned that comprehensive sexual education would lead to “drug abuse, alcohol abuse and everything else”, including higher rates of venereal diseases and AIDS, by “teaching [children] sexual perversions in order to turn them into little sexual deviants”.  She said before the emergence of false “sex science” data, the age of consent for most states in the US was 16 to 21 years old and rape was a felony that attracted the death penalty in 20 states and a life sentence in 22 others. Reisman also pointed out that statutory rape was a felony which attracted the death penalty in 16 states and life in most others.  She further noted that seduction and adultery would have brought prison and/or a fine in most states.  However, the US based researcher said all of that had now changed, meaning that convicted rapists could get away with a six month sentence in four states; a person found guilty of statutory rape is not imprisoned in two states and seduction is legal once there is consent.  She also noted that sodomy, which once brought with it prison terms or fines, was now legal and was being taught in schools.  The Director of the Child Protection Institute at Liberty University School of Law also warned that if Kinsey’s comprehensive sex education was embraced here, children as young as seven could have full responsibility for their sexual behaviour.  Reisman also quoted Judge Richard Posner who said in 2015 that the Kinsey reports revealed a greater amount of promiscuity than people realized, causing a “loosening of sexual mores [and] an increasing tolerance of homosexuals”.  After the conclusion of the rally, Blackett, who is also Minister of Ecclessiastical Affairs, told Barbados TODAY he agreed with Reisman’s presentation, particularly regarding the foreign “evils” that threaten to impact Barbados.  In fact, Blackett called on citizens to speak with one voice against the infiltration of foreign values and mores that could destabilize the traditional social and moral foundation on which the country is based. 

(Photo Credit: NationNews)

4 thoughts on “Barbadians way ahead of Kinsey in Sexual Deviance”

  1. I would like to know where in a predominantly white country a black person would be embraced by the white government in a similar situation. This administration continues to push us right back into the 40’s.


  2. Let’s also add to the forum the live streaming of explicit behaviour in Barbadian homes in front of the children – And the many evil spirits in the form of different men their (women) bring into their homes.


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