Philbert London

Pastor Philbert London Caught Naked!

GUYANA (Naked Departure) — PHILBERT LONDON, a pastor, pope and holiness, was caught on video with different women and exposing his third leg, selfie style.  The ‘gifted’ pastor is now in bare trouble and has had to step down!

Do you ever wonder how people, who claim to represent GOD, followed with the promise of heaven, can do things like this?  It must be that they DO NOT believe what they are preaching.  And if (most) pastors don’t believe what they are preaching, they’ve got to be religious con men!


To blame it on the Devil or on Sin is no longer cutting mustard!  The truth of the matter is: believing in God, as like believing in a promise, is for fools.

THE STORY:   Well known Guyanese televangelist and self-proclaimed “Pope”, Dr. Philbert London has found himself at the centre of a sex tape scandal that has sent social media in a frenzy but his church in tears and prayers.  Dr. London is the founder and head of the Miracle Centre Ministries of Durban Street in Georgetown.  He has a loyal following at his church which has special parking for “His Holiness”, and many more who follow his television programmes from the comfort of their homes. But this Sunday morning, the Pope’s teachings have taken the back pew to the “revelation and power” from his bedroom.  Late on Saturday night, several photographs with Dr. London and different women in sexually compromising positions, started to make the rounds on social media. One photograph showed a smiling London cuddled next to an unidentified woman, while another photograph had a man believed to be him, who was naked and sprawled between two naked women.  A third photograph showed the Pope well dressed in a suit that carries his church’s emblem, showing off his private part in selfie style.  (Source:  St. LuciaNews)

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Pastor Philbert London Caught Naked!”

  1. A fellow came home from work and caught the Brudder man on top of his wife.
    “Man wah dah you doing” ,asked the husband
    “I am anointing her with the holy ghost,” replied the Brudder man.
    “Thats ok then,” said the husband, ” cause for a minute there I thought yah was f****** her.”


  2. The church or God has nothing to do with mans sinful nature/behaviour. When you sin especially this type of sin and a so called man of the cloth – you WILL be exposed!


  3. Mention the word ” religion ” and poor people get scared and become very submissive. That’s how con men become so called ” preachers ” to gain control of a race of people.
    All ready a black poor woman is posting on social media that ” no matter who becomes President Jesus is still King “.

    Imagine this about the Church that I attend :

    (a) 2/3 of the congregation are women
    (b) 1/3 are older women
    (3) The other third are young single unwed mothers

    I rest my case.


  4. @Bajan to the Bone!!!!!!!!!!! de man is de Pope he was showing he staff or rod of correction lolololol me nah set foot in a church wid dem hypocrites


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