Fiona Kellman

Story of the Kellmans of Chalky Mount

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good morning Naked.  I’m so glad that this nuisance to society get ball out.  Fiona lives up by me in the Chalky Mount.  She and her family always interfering with people.  The thing is them think them bad and is a bunch of thieves, bullas, wh**es and fraud.  Naked, Fiona is a panty thief.  She loves to borrow people’s clothes.  Ask she how much of my panties she thief from off of my mother’s line.


Her cousin had a man that use to gamble bad is ass like he had a disease and Fiona use to thief all she cousin’s money from he pants pocket and then come on the block and brag about it.  Fiona with her stink mouth just to get free rides on the transport board bus had or**es with the bus drivers and now she can’t say who her children’s fathers are.  Her mother Ellie Kellman that looks like the hunch back of notre dame and her sister Shondel Kellman that big and tall like a giraffe also was fo***ng down the transport board men too and all three of them can put the men’s names in a hat and raffle for the children’s fathers.  How sad and corrupt when a mother can do this kind of prostitution.  Apparently the Christian sister Ria Kellman needs to pray for them and their vaginas.  Bunch of no-class, unethical parasite.

Now you Fiona, what the writer said about you is no lie.  Your mouth was stink is ass from when you were going to school at Springer School su***ng de ZR drivers cheesy pe****s.  What you is to do is tell the man that is sell items in the van stand and top ups to own yah last son.  Not a red cent from de snack and de top up money ya could get study that b***.   What you is to do is to take the soup bowl wig that you does kill and f**k it in the wharf to join yah stink mouth.  Naked, she is nothing but a wicked, nasty, old environment.  How can she have talk for people and her waters are so limited.  Water also off.

Fiona Kellman drink some Clorox and clean out yah system or as Bajan to the Bone said in his lovely comment drink some peroxide gargle yah stink mouth and stop tekking the old man money that is bu*** yah for cell phones and lunch money.   Instead of you bu***ng for cell phones, you should b**l for a gust transplant, rotten bacteria gust.

Naked, would you believe that she is borrow yah clothes and yah shoes so much that if yah foot is a size 8 and she is wear a size 9 she is so desperate that she would roll back she foot tah mek dah fit.  Old slug yah.

Fiona Kellman I hope yah dead with these exposures, yah too deadly and wicked.

PS:  Give back Edey Boo he gambling money and he so in so gold thieving bi*** yah hands lighter than the fu***ng clouds.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Story of the Kellmans of Chalky Mount”

  1. Clearly yall don’t know her children fathers because when you see the fathers and they rest of children you see her two boys in their father. Haha pathetic ignort people y’all are. Tsk tsk


  2. Clearly this person that name Chalky Mount knows Nothing 1. 2. Ellie isnt the name. 3. Fiona is too small of a woman to borrow anyone’s clothes or shoes if you can’t see since you live in the Mount. And you are very f’g clothes to know her mouth stink. Being around her most of the time since she is family, she never had an odor. And so what if she wear her soul bowl hair style all the time. Did you forget you mention it was her’s? I see that you just wanted to write in to tell your friends and family you did. You int no better than anyone else. They talked about Jesus so who else they can’t talk about. So bored that when you bring stories bring them correct and don’t go by heat say. Goodnight.


  3. It’s clear that this adviser is STINK MOUTH FIONA HERSELF SOME FRIEND OR FAMILY.

    Attractive what
    Do you mean WITH or without makeup. Knowing that makeup does wonders for some beast.

    People like her should know for herself and leave others business alone

    I’m very glad she is getting what she deserved after being a victim of her wickedness.

    Study our family who are full of WHORES




  4. I BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! !2016 Bad Man Indorce Fiona Of Chalky Mount ! St.Joseph ! as BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2017 Good Girl !!!

    ST.JOSEPH People don’t Live Like this ! You’ll are Known for Unity ! Why NOW! adopt this behavior against Your Sister ! I have Work and Lived among You For a While ! IKnow you Very Well ! Nice and Loving People ! Men and Women !.You’ll are Sweet People! Leave this Sister alone Please! Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! !2016 ////////


  5. I have notice that young ladies who are dieting and staying slim and trim have a mouth odor for real. It can be caused by not getting enough carbohydrates. I found this on the net: –

    Bad breath in the low/no-carb sect is often caused by certain chemicals that are released in the breath as the body burns fat. They are called ketones, and entering into a fat-burning state of ketosis is the hallmark of the Atkins diet.

    It can also be caused by bad teeth, not going to the bathroom as you should, not drinking enough water etc.,

    And It seems that the chicks , that are accused of bad breath on ND are often nice and slim. Drink more tea..that helps too, as well as the suggestion the others above about the hydrogen peroxide.


  6. Yes is she is beautiful and she is talented,her makeup is done well.
    Now why would all try to do this to this family ? You are no better ,If you were you would tell them about the behavior and you expect better .If they are unapproachable write then a letter,you would be surprised to see such a simple thing can move mountains.


  7. THIS ! Lady have been getting alot Of Blow’s and Shott’s Lately by the blogger’s on this Network ! but you NO WHAT! This Lady is Very Very ATTRACTIVE! I Say POWER ! ! ! to Fiona Of Chalky Mount ! I’m not Looking at her Character today but her appearance ! Which Stand’s OUTT! Fiona You have been Awarded the BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man ! Baton Of Attraction ! ! ! !Bajan to the bone 2016 ! ! ! ! ! ! Bad Man 🔫🔫🔫


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