Extinct animals

VIDEO: Are Humans Next?

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — EXTINCTION of species.  Are humans next?  Will there be a vicious predator on Earth that one day will render humans extinct or invisible (living in caves or underground)?

Again, if history is an indicator, one would think that humans, in terms of morality, equality and scientific technologies, would have been further along, e.g.:

No Wars; cashless societies; distribution of wealth; no poverty; cures to all diseases; information for ALL (no secrets); space travel; universal health care; no taxes; limited governments; limited war machines, etc., etc.


THE SELF-DESTRUCT COIN of Racism and Prejudice.  Are you humans next because you didn’t use your time and talents here (on Earth) for the best of ALL concerned and not just a select few?  Naked Departure

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