War in Africa

Africa: Black on Black Violence — It’s a War!

AFRICA/THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — A viciously graphic video (too horrifying to publish) is circulating social media depicting men bound and one being executed.  The scene is said to be in Africa and the men in the video are all black.  The (civil) war continues.


And as we continue to struggle to contend with black on black crimes, black misogynists, black pedophiles, dysfunctional black homes, etc., etc. in our island homes and elsewhere, our Homeland is raging war with their own countrymen.  Is what we are seeing now the reason it was possible to make slaves of black people?  Was divisiveness the problem?

A house divided (against itself) cannot stand.  And with the stench of slavery still in the air, wars and rumours of wars, blacks remain undesirables and minorities in the eyes of many.

And then there is Donald Trump.  Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Africa: Black on Black Violence — It’s a War!”

  1. Before putting out all kinds of nonsense regarding the war and destruction of the African continent ask the most important question: who is gaining from said chaos? Who is sponsoring said chaos? who’s making money out of said chaos?

    I sometimes wonder about you, Naked departure. What is your agenda besides providing a forum for supposed free speech?


  2. THE Only Conclusion now is to let Black People Continue Eating and Killing One another until the Last Man Standing !


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