Janice Clarke

Janice Clarke

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JANICE CLARKE — Hi Naked.  Let me tell you about the no-womb, deceitful one named Janice Clarke, aka the manager.  Because she is ******** the owner Gregory Crichlow, she feels she owns the place.


How she carry along them workers is ridiculous and he is another big c*** because nobody that now getting something couldn’t run down my business.  You know how many people talk about avant blue and their poor service with her?

Ask Janice what happened in her last relationship.  She is sick and crazy and playing she is going in the church ever Sunday and w**less is c****.  She should go and mind her own business and do something with that rus bucket she got pon she head.  The man’s daughter don’t even like her.  He stupid as **** to carry you home.

Janice is barely there to get further.  Take it from me, Janice is playing a part well.  She’s very deceitful with her dry-up-looking self.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Janice Clarke”

  1. but isnt he a doctor, i know he is, the question is who is using who, he is a play boy from the time he was a medical student, gods gift to stupid women and i guess he got one in the lady beside him,, he wanted to f my friend years ago some time in the later 90s early 2000s,,he is a sweet,, she was going to try to take him for all his worth, but he was just a student dr,, just a short crutch joker, he too him self dont like to speak to ppl, as if the world owe him something, if fact most bajans act like if the world or if ppl owe them, just check the way them walk in the road when traffic pasting,, like i dare you to hit me, well i dont stop, if them break the road laws then its ok with me i gine break them crutch, i would love them to go live in NEW YORK, and try that , its either the driver kill you or the police get you for jail walking,,, just strayed for a bit but he and she suit if what is being said about her is true, like hand in glove she unmannerly so is he


  2. wunnah women are something else,I do hope the writer is a woman as it hard to tell these days. Wunnah come in here and drag other women through the mud, and then expect people to respect wunnah.
    Out of ma way.!


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