Katrina Phillips

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Morning Naked.  I am writing to let people know about this woman who used to work for Amalgamated Security and now works at Guardsmen Security, one called Katrina Cold-hearted Phillips.

Katrina has no children and her attire is horrible.  Naked, she has time to mind people’s business and fabricate people’s lives to what she wants it to be but I want you to publish this just how I write it (sorry, it is being edited).  Naked, she ran through the entire bus terminal.  Naked, she comes to work with all them brown mints and bottle water but Katrina, they do you no good!  You got so much to tell people about me but tell them this about your panties that everybody up by you talk about.


Learn to wash the seat or buy fresh ones.  Stop supporting the married men and fixing the cars and stop getting the loans for them and then you can’t drive in the car only when they want to get some.  You should take some of that same money and purge and put some braces on.  Even your uncle knows you are a waste.  Stop minding people’s business and check for the right things.

Girl, don’t let me have to go further or you won’t peep out the house in St Joseph.  Instead of finding people’s faults, clean up your act and reduce your big, huge ridiculous self and look like something in Guardsmen uniform.  Straight up!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Katrina Phillips”

    1. Katrina Phillips is a wukless b yea she is I recall when she use to work at Amalgamated Security and a fella who get bull for a phone f her in all the people flour. But naked she isn’t the only one who is nasty is c the supervisor men at guardsman nasty to all them f the women gaurds that want more duties and even messaging the woman some f up talk and ask to f I have some save just incase my job comes on the line. Plummer have a wife and playing he going church on Sunday but tell the women alot of c and want f them thats why opperations is cant get he or he partner goding cause them is be f…………….


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