Lisa Kirton

Paulette Bayley’s Truth and Nothing but the Truth

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  Naked, I had an appointment and while waiting at the bus stop Miss Lisa Kirton saw me and turned around and offered me a drop to where I was going.

She had almost completed the journey when I fell ill and Miss Kirton pulled the car off the road to allowed me to vomit.  I told her I won’t be able to continue my journey and to stop a taxi for me since she had to make it into work.


Naked, Lisa Kirton took it upon herself to go that extra mile to  drive me back to my door and make sure I got inside safely.  But before I reached home I also vomited up inside her car, she stopped and purchased me a 6 pack of soda water and eno to settle my stomach.

Miss Lisa Kirton, I Paulette Bayley your neighbor want to say a special thank you for what you have done.  I hope your boss is reading this also because kind-hearted employees are always hard to find. Thanks again Miss Kirton.   Paulette Bayley

Naked Departure

14 thoughts on “Paulette Bayley’s Truth and Nothing but the Truth”

    1. This story made up like this negative p hater c
      Ps do a good deed and repent b
      I can bet this is the light hand W from country view Theresa Small


  1. Miss London ! !.! The Only Man No Lisa is to have , is Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 Or the real bad Man Adrian ! ! !.2017 ! ! ! 🔫


  2. good deed,, i always knew you had it in you even tho i dont know you. and i know you will be bless, i still havent seen you on face book, but i would still love you to meet my friend,, will give his number,, he dont know i am giving it,, now only lisa is to call, 2458268,, now lisa dont say i give the number,


  3. my girl Lisa Kirton that is who she is so de slut that write all de wickedness tek she name wunna name outta wunna mouth, none of we aint perfect de girl got a good mind


  4. A Round Of applause 👏👏👏to the Goodly Lady ! She is So So Special ! Take a Bow Lady Kirton With your Goodly Self ! You have been Awarded the BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Baton Of Love. BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! Bad Man !


  5. naked this post shows some wicked people that NAKED INTERNATIONAL does not only post bad BUT we post GOOD DEEDS


  6. to Paulette Bayley it only goes to show that some people in this world are out to destroy good people and tarnish there reputations because of jealousy and envy. this post you wrote here shows that this lady Lisa Kirton has a heart and a big one. some people would of been pissed and annoyed for the fact that you vomited up there vehicle and would of left you long side of the road to wait on a taxi cab. CHEERS TO LISA KIRTON KEEP THE FAITH AND CONTINUE TO HAVE A HEART


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