Peter Lauer

Peter Lauer Still Unfairing Staff

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — PETER LAUER — Naked, this racist Peter Lauer won’t stop  unfairing staff who refuse to kiss his ass.  All he does as soon as he comes about the place is to cause bare confusion in the place just so he could make the jobs harder and so he would look like he’s doing something because he doesn’t do anything at all.


Then he grabs his bag and runs off when he’s done f***ing up everything.  He likes to see when the staff ain’t getting along with one another.  When you got to stand up to he, he doesn’t speak to you after.  He doesn’t like one of the chefs because the chef does deal with he the way everybody should deal with he: RUFF!  He likes to go in the kitchen and  cause confusion, so the chef puts he in he place on a regular.

Imagine this man talking bout he doesn’t care bout staff he got he job to do.  Naked, one of his kissassers threatened another worker recently and is still on the job and someone who did nothing other than not bow down to him sent off the other day.

This man Naked is also a   good liar too.  If he tells you walk Naked you got to run like hell. Truth be told, if them get the rid of he and puts somebody else in charge who understands this industry, the staff would be happy.  How can you offer service with a smile when this man got  people wondering  everyday if them next to go through the door, just because them ain’t about that kissing ass crap!!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Peter Lauer Still Unfairing Staff”

  1. Peter Lauer is a cunt who couldn’t make it in Germany a place with so much to offer other than poor Barbados. He was at Sandals and couldn’t make it there either. For God sakes the man cannot spear proper English how can he run a restaurant , I feel for Andy Stewart. But black people like position so we can’t entirely blame this massa , give them food ,drink, and some keys and they’ll give u the unlock code to fire a nuclear bomb on their own.


  2. the black mentality… smh… it is very sad. Stand up for wunna rights. Don’t take any shit from that white piece of shit. let him know slavery days done!


  3. SO ! HE Still giving my brother’s and Sister’s trouble , despite the Warning I Would have Some Friend’s Pay him a VISIT ! Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 ///////


  4. cause wunna is black asses he right, if wunna would deal wid he ass correct instead of cutting down wunna own it would be better but de black man like to kiss de white man ass.


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