George Payne

George Payne, BLP, Upbeat that Trump Won

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, can you remember a time when white racists helped black people or did anything good for Caribbean people?

Well George Payne of the BLP, hoping to win the next election, is misleading Bajans by telling them that a racist president will do a lot for Caribbean people. He just did not tell us a lot of what.

These are the idiots who lead small countries.  Anonymous

THE STORY:  Wednesday, BLP Chairman George Payne, who supports Trump, also hailed his stunning victory in the elections, saying he was hopeful that Trump could make a meaningful contribution to Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean.  Payne, who said today he had a sleepless night celebrating the real estate mogul’s win, said he did not believe Trump could do any worse than his predecessors, contending that none of them had ever contributed to the region.  “At least you have a new man in the White House and you have someone who has never been tested before politically.  Notwithstanding how he has been branded, he now has a responsibility to show his true colours and to prove people wrong.  So, even if he is a racist he is going to do a lot for people in the Caribbean,” he told Barbados TODAY on the sidelines of the presentation of computer tablets by the Aron and Christina Foundation to students of the A Dacosta Primary in his St Andrew constituency.  Payne argued that if Clinton had succeeded in becoming the first female US president, there would have been a continuation of what has always transpired in the treatment of small island states by the US.  The veteran politician admitted he had a challenge convincing his friends that Trump would come out victorious in the presidential race.

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7 thoughts on “George Payne, BLP, Upbeat that Trump Won”

  1. George Jefferson now get back his voice and talking a lot of trype before he look to get MAM run way and be the next Donald Trump, George try and Tump MAM yuh IDIOT.


  2. LOOK ! Ca ! Ma Crosse’s fa ! Ma tho , ya !You’ll Naught.! ! ! Leave the Man alone ! Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016


  3. Payne is just stupid and ready to sell his own people for crumbs in exchange for allowing racist practices against the people on the island.

    A house nigg** in the truest sense of the word.

    The electorate need not listen to any poison coming from the inside of this ass.


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