KellyAnne Best

KellyAnne Best

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, Kellyanne Best is the biggest **** I know.  That old ***** refuses to go look for work, home all day long waiting for pay-out money from an accident.  This is eons now and that **** can’t get a red cent.

She wants easy money in a house all day long renting out she **** on IMO to men for money showing them pictures of she **** that stinking ***** does let de men meet her out by Howard Supermarket so them don’t find out where she lives.  She needs to stop cleaning people windows and clean hers.  She home all day long, her poor mother live with her and won’t even get up and feed that poor old woman a plate of food neither her two children.  She does take the money she gets for the children and do her hair and buy bare **** and then have to beg for money to send school her children.

Children home 9 weeks and at the last min that **** was still begging for school things.  A damn waste, wicked deceitful *****.  Kelly, stop minding people business and go take care of your poor mother and ya children.  Even de man she got, Victor, cares nothing about the ******** **** claiming the other day she getting married.  He don’t send one red cent for the *****.  He got a woman who have class who spends all his money and that *** always talking about she man and de man ain’t hers.

She needs to stop renting out she stinking **** and go look fa work.  She has her poor nephew tricking about he grandmother jus to get money out he.  That ***** feel she bad but one of them men that showing she **** to online will do for her so have no morals.  She even slept with her man’s brother that is how low she is but the longest day got a f***ing end.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “KellyAnne Best”

  1. Posts like this are stupid as rassole. Woman struggling and you trying to make her life more miserable because she apparently ‘do you something’?


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