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THE DONALD TRUMP EFFECT: Voters and Hypocrites Love Superheroes

WASHINGTON, DC (USA)/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — THE AMERICAN voters, like most voters everywhere else in the world, seem to love superheroes.  Even the scums of the earth have an opinion, a prejudice and a right to vote!  But when they pick from among themselves, they want to present to the world something not of themselves…, they want something or someone wholesome, someone god-fearing, someone who has never said ‘go fuck yourselves’, well, not out in the open that is.  THE HYPOCRITES!

VOTERS, while you are committing incest on your kids and cheating on your significant others, you are hoping to pick a gem to represent you before the world stage!  VOTERS, while you are stealing, lying and waiting in line at the clinic to get that injection and those pills to rid yourself of that clap, you expect to go and vote for someone pure and almighty.  VOTERS, while you’re in the rum shops and clubs and getting high and grabbing pu*sies, you’re hoping the person you are voting for denies any such a thought ever entered their mind!  In fact, you’d rather they not have a ‘pu**y’!  VOTERS, while you are out warring, kidnapping and raping young children, you’re hoping to vote for someone with high morals!   YOU HYPOCRITES!!


Burt's Bees Lipstick
Burt’s Bees Lipstick

You voters seem to like your superheroes and the movies made of superheroes!  But there are no real superheroes and if they were any such things, they’d be out saving the world, not sitting in an (oval) office gloating in a realm of the all powerful.

So, this blog is not going to get too overly political, but pray tell; what did Obama (and let’s talk tangibles) ever do for you?  Except for seeing the women in that first family twerking on videos, what else have they done in terms of inclusion…, in terms of identifying with blacks?  Did he end the wars as promised?  Is Obamacare affordable to you?  How have inner cities in your neighborhoods benefited from having a black president?  Just asking………

VOTERS, if you like your political officials to look spic and span, you had a well-dressed Obama for eight years.  If you want your officials to be superheroes, you had Bush who could move faster than a speeding bullet or an Arab’s pelted shoe for eight years.  If you want your officials to grab pus*ies but deny it, you had Clinton for eight years.  Now you have TRUMP.

A change ain’t gonna come…, a change (good or bad) did come! The change is HERE and NOW.  Stop crying (protesting) over spilt milk!  BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES!!  Sheri Veronica of Naked Departure

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