Black people are stupid

Black People are Stupid! No Velocity in Communities

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ARE YOU STUPID?  Naked, there is still no velocity (turning of the dollar) in the African-American community.  As soon as we get a little money we run off to the other communities. One of the main issues is that we have no choice.  There isn’t a strong or large enough black business infrastructure of superior businesses that offer massive value and quality products/services.

The majority of blacks are a consumer oriented, not producer oriented. God bless the ones who would invest a good portion of their money in real estate, securities and their own businesses.  But, these would be relatively few.  I can pull together the numbers if anyone wants me to.

If blacks, with their current, collective mindset were to get reparations, it would be a big party for up to about 5 years and mainstream American businesses would make a killing from all of the blacks spending all of that money with them.


And all of those who are honest with ourselves know that the dope dealer will be the happiest person in the neighborhood.

After all of the reparations money ran out, they’ll kick us back out on our butts.

But let me just say that I would rather be more optimistic.  I would hope that collectively, we through proper leadership and teaching in our schools, churches, mosques, temples, community centers and in our homes spread the teachings of economic responsibility, the importance of a strong black business infrastructure, STEM values, and wealth accumulation.

If we are ever going to fix the economic racial disparity in America, we have to do it ourselves, individual-by-individual, family-by-family.  Most black people will get out and get a job. But most blacks will not use their minds to capacity and focus on the things that really matter. There isn’t enough focus on fixing our economic system.  To borrow the spirit of Fredrick Douglass, If the shoe was on the other foot, that’s ALL whites would be talking about, “How in the world do we get out of this mess?”  If the show was on the other foot, that’s all you would be hearing from them.


For most of us, if it is not about sports, entertainment, fun, sex, expensive trips, clothing or our other material possessions we don’t want to do anything with that. Nothing is wrong with any one of these. But remember, we are one of the most depressed people on the planet. We need to use our minds to create something that will break the yoke that we keep around out necks.  I believe that we can.  Get real, for most black, reparations from any government at this time in our history may do more overall, big picture harm.  Don’t get me wrong, show me the money!

But we would have more pride for ourselves and from the world if we were to get our acts together and use our collective CREATIVE MIND to come up with solutions that we can use to help ourselves become all we can be with very little help from anyone else.  That’s what we need to do.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Black People are Stupid! No Velocity in Communities”

  1. You know….it is a fallacy that we are such a depressed community. I am probably classified as middle class with a university degree and the circle of people around me are same. They are educated, have a university degree or two and are gainfully employed and even some are entrepreneurs. The same people own their homes, travel and ensure their children pursue and education or learn a skill. And my family has lived this way for generations now…

    What the MSM likes to do, forever, is show the 5% or so of those that struggle and are economically depressed. If I only saw images of white people living in the ghetto, surrounded by drugs, crime and death 24/7 for decades or even centuries, I, too, would believe all the negative spewed about them.


  2. You heard the one about the Bajan who was involved in an accident with his BMW in New York. When the cops arrived he was getting on dixie about the damage of his expensive BMW.
    One cop said, “I cannot understand you people ,here you are in an accident , in which you have lost your arm, and you bothering about your car.”
    The Bajan went silent , walked over and picked up his bloody severed arm, and turn to the cop and said, ” Thank you, Officer, thank you ,this is $50,000 Bulova watch on this arm here.”


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