black woman

I am in Love with Jomo Augustine

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JOMO AUGUSTINE — Naked, I come here to tell my story about this man Jomo Augustine, a married man who I was involved with for 3 years.  Naked, Jomo told me he was only with his wife because they have a son together.

Naked, Jomo does got me in the office with him upstairs and then when that woman comes, they gotta eat lunch and I have to go until they finished.   Naked, this man told me for months he done with his wife because she was sleeping with her manager from in Imart.  She loves married men, so I heard and she thinks she’s saying something.

Naked, this man is always with me, intimately, and telling me how good I am, and how good I feel, but what I want people to know is, I caught an incurable STD from him.  Jomo, I know it’s not you, it’s Marsha.  She gave it to him because I did some digging on her.  He stopped me from going to confront her, and I even stopped because I love him a lot but I can’t take this anymore.

Jomo,  I know you dun with me now!   Anonymous
Naked Departure

12 thoughts on “I am in Love with Jomo Augustine”

  1. He use to through talk at me to….but I did never take him on either…. all that glitters isn’t good…. somehow this not the full story….. I guess she didn’t want to expose everything….. use condoms next time…


  2. MARSHA ! YOU have broken the WORLD Record ! A WOMAN Without a brain that’s Still alive ! The Woman give you the Std ! Wright ! Not the Man that Were between your Leg’s , the Woman that Were at home Watching television! gave it to you . CAN !anyone get more Stupid than this for the rest Of the Century .


  3. But why would you sign as anonymous? Why not sign as idiot? Oh and by the way you ain’t saying nutten either so don’t talk about the man’s wife like to sleep with married men. The problem with you is that you’re not old enough to be having sex protected or unprotected and not intelligent enough to use protection. So my advice to you is seek Jesus and go and wait for death don’t spread your vermin around for fear you might get pregnant and bring another idiot into this world we already have you that’s enough


  4. Another stupid black woman…the bane of the earth. I honestly cant find anything good to say about you. No standards…no class…no nothing….gimma a white woman anyday


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