Sex with stick

Is MuscleCat Possessed by a Demon

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — MUSCLECAT — Naked, there is some strange HISTORY of things that surrounded this lady’s young life.  Fires.  Fires would just all of a sudden spontaneously start…like a combustion!  A television would be playing and catch afire.  Things in the home where MuscleCat lived would suddenly start burning.  A priest who was consulted said it was the then five-year-old Musclecat who was responsible for the oddities.  A demonic possession.

Burt's Bees Lipstick
Burt’s Bees Lipstick

MuscleCat was sexually abused when she was a child.  She is now a lady of the night here in Barbados.  She would do anything for a dollar.  I remember her being interviewed and the woman who interviewed her swiftly lost her job.  I think she sees herself as being a jinx.  But Naked, here’s the latest involving her.

There is a video circulating showing her working with a stick.  I see you called it a magic stick Naked, so I guess I will go along with that.  It shows how dirty and depraved Bajan men here are.  His face was not shown, but he probably has a woman and a few kids running around the island who will grow up and be just like him.

Naked, when you say you are speechless, imagine how I feel.  I have to live here among these deviants, these sub humans.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Is MuscleCat Possessed by a Demon”

  1. i am hearing that the guy in the video is what some would call retarded or have a mental health problem, they saw he is a homeless guy who roam the streets name muscles, , his fater was a st lucian named cat man from st andrew, not sure but thats what i am hearing, if its true then she should be shame of her self,to take advantage of such a person, in a public place,.. she is nothing like her mum monny,,,, muscle cat you have kids and you never know what might happen to them as a result of your actions,,master god nah sleep,.. london really have fallen, trump now this…,SMFRHHASMBFC


  2. It call a fetish fantasy my dear
    And you think america Canada or UK any better
    Woman you are just a jackass
    Them got ppl who pay £200 and £300 to get them acts do to them
    A man ask me to let he suckling my toes one day in the park
    I step in mud
    I laugh out
    He told me he gave me £100 for doing it
    I cuss he ass stink in my bajan dialect
    My friend wear panties and post them to men for different prices
    The series the panty the more it cost
    And them are paid for upfront before she post them
    So that is cake what you just saw
    PPL paid women to third them up out here and step on their Penis while it hard and them come them get whip on it till its hard again
    What you saw was just smoke love
    You got to see how men paid women to dominate them in worst ways than thst


  3. @ at the writer whu u call sub humans and deviants you are one as well, u have two choices leave or kill yuhself Barbados no different to other places. Oh and that video i saw that lmfao bad boi getting wid a stick just nasty, yuh mean she could not find a lolol undercover bulla.


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