Mitchelle Marksman and Torrence Odle with children’s rights activist Shelly Ross (left)  (Picture by Maria Bradshaw)

Miss Marksman, we’re happy your daughter is at DODDS

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Morning Naked!  Naked, Mitchelle Marksman needs to get her facts straight.  Her daughter was committed to the government industrial school (GIS).  Naked, her daughter fights with everyone there, even the staff members.  Her daughter is so disrespectful and Mitchelle herself admits that her daughter would not listen to her and would run away.

Naked, this last fight in September was a bloody fight at the government industrial school!  Her daughter held onto an Indian woman’s daughter and bust up the girl’s face on the walls and other girls went in to help and the police and ambulance were called into GIS.  Her daughter even tried to run away when she was released from the mental hospital and police had to place handcuffs on her to go back to GIS.

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Mitchelle, when you start to get Shelly Ross involved, start your story off right and let her know that you have a sister who went to jail who is named Tasha from St Mathias, and your brother murdered a young girl and her child when he set the house on fire.  So when your daughter feeling she’s mad and feeling she can unfair people’s children, parents can do like you did back in the day.

You pressed charges and Mitchelle your sister who was living with you had to move out from around you because you cannot even control your other children.  There was dysfunction even BEFORE you had children and that’s what you Bajans who go before the media need to talk about.  Talk about the family background so that people understand that it runs in the blood!

And as for you Miss Ross, you lied to the public.  You never was allowed and cannot set foot at Government Industrial School.  You are a Monday-morning quarterback and cannot really help children in GIS.

Naked, the girls and staff at GIS are happy she is at DODDS!  Anonymous

Naked Departure  (PHOTO: Mitchelle Marksman and Torrence Odle with children’s rights activist Shelly Ross (left)  (Picture by Maria Bradshaw))

7 thoughts on “Miss Marksman, we’re happy your daughter is at DODDS”

  1. Today for the marksmen .tomorrow for someone else
    You can’t fought fire with fire . maybe the child just need someone too hear her side .


  2. This Poor Child had to be the Sacrificial Lamb ! Of this Family Curse ! Generational Curse ! The brother Killed two Women , What do you all expect ! Don’t Condemned the Child that’s being attack by Wickedness in High Place’s , don’t Russell With Fleshed and blood but Principalities and Power’s and Wickedness in High Place’s . Apply Love and Spiritual guidance to this Child.


  3. When will Caribbean women understand , to bring a child into this precious world the female needs a male, and that male have to participate in that child’s life—when will Caribbean women acknowledge- a child an innocent angel needs love understanding and humane guidance–instead of slavery beatings–when will they understand——


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