Sharon Glossy Ifill

Miss Sharon ‘Glossy’ Ifill

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked Departure, Miss Sharon Glossy Ifill was welcomed by the police this morning at her home right behind the church.  Naked, she went in the police station without make up on.  I ain’t got to tell you she real ugly.  Her good friend Crystal telling everyone she glad she get hold.


Glossy, the talk on the town is your man gun involved in a shooting.  Everything that happened this morning is the talk of the town from gambling in your house to selling drinks without a liquor license and hiding the guns for the men.  Crystal even telling people you cannot cook and your food taste bad.

If she is your friend, you better watch your back.  She talk out she guts like if she was pissing.  And Glossy, she telling people your daughter ain’t know who is the baby daddy, and the man she claiming you breed from don’t want her.

What a good, malicious, dangerous friend you have.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Miss Sharon ‘Glossy’ Ifill”

  1. ”What a good malicious friend you have,” says the letter writer. Obviously she is a friend to neither, but someone who is bent on driving a stake between the two. She set out to kill two birds with one rock stone here . Hope it rebounds and knock the s*** out of her


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