RAPE at Sandy Lane

My Story of the ‘One Juck’ Rape

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked Departure.  I got up from my grandmother’s house and I just run pass quick in the back alley to go to my mother’s house.  This man Hendy just pushed me up against the paling and just juck.  He only made one juck and it went in.  After that one juck he stopped and moved back and started to cry and apologize.

Naked, he’s a nice guy, I just know he was sorry.  He didnt’ mean to, Naked, he was crying.  He said he just lost his mind in that instant.  Naked, his apology was immediate.  For some reason, I did not feel violated.  It wasn’t my fault.  I usually see him and we usually just crack jokes and make harmless fun.

Naked, he probably needed help but he was truly sorry and he, not me, but he could not look at me the same afterwards.  Naked, I am young, but I know that it was just a moment in time that went bad.  I always wear panties but didn’t have on any that day.  I always take the front road but took the alley.  He always was nice but ran after me that day.

Naked, he didn’t know why.  Naked, I don’t know why I left in such a hurry.  It all just happened.  Naked, that’s my story of the ‘one juck’ rape.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “My Story of the ‘One Juck’ Rape”

  1. This story reminds me of a fellow from the country who went into Nelson Street and paid a whore for a bit, and as she was taking out his piece , it fired off . That man got on dixie trying to get back his money from the woman.


      1. you are always on here with fake name, fake email,, and talking about a bajan and calling someone a liar? the nerve!! the story was given to ND by a nurse practitioner! why are you here? you ONLY come to talk about that bajan guy. what’s your beef with him?


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