Wife acting like a MAN

Naked, my Wife is Acting like a Man

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, do Bajan women know that being a lesbian is not cool though?  Naked, my wife Cathy has a girlfriend and she sees nothing wrong with it.  The more I think about it Naked, she’s more man than me.  I was thinking up to the other day that she’s so much like me and now I know why.  I don’t like it!

Naked, she’s even now confusing our kids ’cause she’s dressing like a man and cut her hair short, short, short.  Where is the feminine?  And Naked, I’m not talking about cooking and cleaning, where’s the softness, the femininity and the shyness of women?  Bajan women like they more masculine now than what we knew our mothers and sisters to be.  And to think, I know about everyone and I have a wicker right here with me in my bed.  I’m thinking we are really compatible and Naked, she likes more pu**y than me.  You call that compatible?  We the same Naked, we not compatible.

Fifty, fifty?  Can’t be no fifty/fifty when a man is married to a female who does not know how to be a woman?  And Latasha, if I ever see you at my house again, I’m going to beat you like I beating a man.  Naked, I don’t need to say the last name, she will see this ’cause she’s always on Naked Departure.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

15 thoughts on “Naked, my Wife is Acting like a Man”

  1. NEW YORK NATIVE let me ask you outright: “ARE YOU A HOMOSEXUAL? MALE OR FEMALE”” and if so are you out of the closet or ON THE “DOWN-LOW”? If so deal with your deep-seeded issues.

    I have an extensive LIBRARY right here in this room with tomes such as ALBERT PIKE’S MORALS AND DOGMA, MANLEY P HALL’S THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES, MEDITATIONS BY THE STOIC ROMAN EMPEROR MARCUS AURELIUS, STEPHEN HAWKING’S A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME, ILIAD AND THE ODYSSEY BY HOMER and so many more you never heard of maricon. I do not need to be entertained by youtube.or any internet website. The people need to be educated to the realities of existence and stop swallowing the filth fed to them daily in schools and universities as normal ways of life. Why a mad would want to put his penis in a hole loaded with s-hite is beyond me and why a womwn would want to rub her vagina against another baffles me but whatever float their boats.

    Witchcraft and homosexuality go hand in hand AND HAVE BEEN BEDFELLOWS FOR CENTURIES. So crawl back into your decrepit basement room in Bed Stuy or Flatbush. wherever you call home and ponder on what I just said.,


  2. @watcher seemd you more confuse that de woman dress like a man with all de misinformation you come up with do your research and i mean book research now YOUTUBE the bull shit u just wrote is laughable lolol BLACK LODGE STUPES i would not even respond to what you will write back ” YOU NEVER ARGUE WITH A FOOL FOR THEY WILL DRAG YOU DOWN INTO THE SAME FOOLERY AS THEM”


  3. AND! Let me tell ya ! Only One Bad Man ! In Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 House ! Anytime two Man ! In My House ! One have to die ! So no Woman Or Lady Can’t Start Looking Like More Bad Man than Me ! In My House Or Our House.


  4. IF ! Men Would STOP! Bulling Women and Men ! the Women Wouldn’t have to Look for real Love Else where ! and in this Particular Case , Where the Woman is dressing like a Man ! It’s Clear You’re not Showing your Masculinity at home , So She had to Step Up! to be the Man in the Bedroom. Deal With ITT .


  5. New york native it sounds like you belong to the GAY BOULÉ BROTHERHOOD or is it SISTERHOOD? 😃😃 it seems what I said about homos smd lesbuans and their yies to and origins in witchcraft offends you. I lived in NYC aka the BIG ROTTEN APPLE for nmny years too. For those who do not know THE GAY BOULÉ SOCIETY is a secret brotherhood/ society/lodge of BLACK HOMOSEXUALS whoae memvership includes politicians, actors, athletes, singers and other entertainers, rich lawyers, insurance execs, banjers, businessmen, educators and many more. Tge bajan term BULLA or BULLER has its origins in this same BOULÉ SOCIETY. ERROL BARROW, CAMWRON TUDOR and SIR WILLIAM DOUGLAS the former chief justice of Barbados were all BOULÉS/BULLAS/BULLERS and they picked ip their craft as students in England. So miss new youk native WICCA/WICCCAN/WICKER are all one and the same. MY FACTS are well-researched and straight as ab arrow. WIZARD/WARLOCK/SHAMAN/MEDECINE MAN/WITCH DOCTOR/JUJU or VOODOO PRIEST/OBEAH MAN or whatever we choose to call then are all of the same ilk. So don’tev en presume with your condescending attitude, that you are even mire educated ir informed than I am about any matter under the sun fir I can expound upon any subject ranging from rocket svience to genetics to philosophy to history to alchemy you idiotic moron. Q IN THE COMMUNITY is a forum for the VIAGARA CREW to mingle with whoring , young and old bandidas seeking to rob them and old cut-open, pull-down belly hens to pick up young studs to dig up in their bottomless, post-menopausal dry pits and ass-holes. A lot of these old, has-been womem before they seek after the Lord they are parading around Q with no panties and wearong leggings and false botsies and p-ussies looking to seduce young boys and young women. Pure SODDOM & GOMORRAH!!! I GONE FUH NOW YUH HEAR!


    1. Correct Watcher, they refused to see the evil spirits in their lifestyles and like to pretend that all is normal. Until we get back to the way God has commissioned us to live, our families will continue to be broken. Black lives will continue to be broken.


  6. Well said Watcher, they are spirits commissioned by the devil.

    They have even gotten into the minds of our old by telling them Q in the community is for them instead of church- On television wukking /jucking some in thrashy attire.


  7. @ WATCHER HERE IS THE DEFINITION OF WICCA:the religious cult of modern witchcraft, especially an initiatory tradition founded in England in the mid 20th century and claiming its origins in pre-Christian pagan religions.( GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND STOP TALKING C)

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  8. @ at watcher there are black witches as well and witchcraft has nothing to do with lesbianism as they are male witches and oh a male witch is never known as a warlock(bullshit movies)

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  9. Aren’t you shame to call her your wife and still sleeping beside her?? And want to fight for her too???? Hahahaha all the talk you still with her so just now you will be getting bull too..cos two men in a bed Hahahaha or three


  10. She was wiccing before she met you man but she was patient and made sure she breed for you so that the “investment” would be secure, now she disrespecting you telling you “in your face” that she is more man than you. You see you move wrong what you should have done is f-uck both she and Latasha side-by-side then kick both out of your house permanently. Stop being sentimental and lovey-dovey and get hardcore. A lot of the bajan wiccas seek out targets like you what they call “A GOOD MAN” which is their code for a flipping idiot soft man who they dupe and fool with the words I LOVE YOU.

    The word WICCA is synonymous with European WITCHCRAFT and the white witches practiced LESBIANISM as a “sacred” rite, They were very prevalent on the GREEK island of LESBOS (also called LESVOS), hence the word LESBIAN.

    These type of women literally bewitch a man but have no use for the male species and the old hard-backed harry bandits, indoctrinate little girls from the age of toddlers into their filthy and aberrant lifestyle, The various sports disciplines in this country. are riddled with lesbians who carry on the lesbian legacy of such as KATHY HARPER-HALL.

    There is a lot of history behind the behaviors we see today’s world like for instance HOMOSEXUALITY and PROSTITUTION were also rites practiced and embraced in the temples of the ancient BABYLONIAN EMPIRE. There were the homosexual eunuchs and priestesses which have their modern equivalents in the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH’S CHOIR BOYS and NUNS.

    Ever wondered about the origins of the word SEMINARY (SEMEN-ARY) or SEXTON? Go do your homework. Knowledge is power!


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