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BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROY — Naked, the driver of L343 told me to call him Roy.  I first met him in a restaurant where I was working when he delivered chickens to my boss and he gave me his number.  After that he invited me to church but I never went.  He told me he had a wife and an outside woman but said he like me and how I look.

One day he came to deliver chickens where I work and I told him I want some lunch.  He offered to bring back and he did.  I later met with him one evening.  We talked in his truck for a while then he said I was nice he offered me a ride home.  I said I just want to see his farm that he say he got.  Then one night we met in Speightstown and we went to his farm next thing I know he show me his house around a corner near the farm.  Two weeks later I saw him with a young girl and a baby.  He said it’s his outside fling.  I said nothing.

A night he call me out of the blue and told me to meet him by Chefette Speightstown.  Then he drove to the beach we had intercourse, then two days ago we had intercourse again but Naked, I never told him I was HIV positive.

I’m sorry but he didn’t ask, he didn’t say no and I didn’t either but I’m HIV now for about 2 years.  I got it from a guy here since I use to do a lil thing on the side when I first came to Barbados with my sister.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

32 thoughts on “L343”

  1. U bighead s mouth heffa play u up here defending u self yes it u everybody knows that now driving bout that sink blue car without insurance he does only drive that at night up there raising chickens and ain’t got no water u and s mouth every since u doing this s go and pay d court do…..u Ernie


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