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Neil needs a Priest to get rid of Ms. Boce

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I am  writing to  let Ms. Boce know what people think of her.  Naked, this girl is so destructive, deceitful and dishonest, she devotes all her time to destroying the lives of any female who gets involved with her child father or is related to him over the years.

She claims to know a lot about me and a lot of other people she has f***ed up, so now it’s her turn.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Her child father Neil was involved with a very nice young woman and Boce was often the side chick and Neil had what she wanted (a business and money).  So this gold-digging woman wanted Neil for herself.  Many people warned Neil about this destructive woman and about things that she has done.  When Neil decided he wanted to end the relationship with her, that was the biggest mistake of his life, she wouldn’t have it. She first claimed to be pregnant for Neil but Neil denied the little boy.

Nicole, innocent to all this and unaware of what was going on until she decided to turn up at her house… curse her…contacted the girl place of employment via telephone and letter…she would curse the girl’s mother, sister, anybody who was connected to the girl.  Nicole, not the type to challenge anyone physically, turned to a lawyer and had letters sent but that didn’t stop her.  Nicole finally left so she had won and had Neil for herself and moved into his home but she didn’t like the fact that his two older children were there so she set out to have them leave.  She posted stuff on facebook about the man’s then 11-year-old daughter…hmmm biggest mistake…, the children’s mother turned up  at the house and went in the house for her and went to burst she *** but she could only run talk but when it’s time for action  especially when the person more cruel than her she retreats.  She wouldn’t come out the house and turn around and call the police for the children’s mother.  She eventually got put out from the posh area after causing many disturbances, throwing rocks, cussing, damaging the people’s property by breaking windows etc, so Neil’s dad made it clear that she is not to step foot back in his home again or they would both have to leave.  Most of his friends believe that she worked on he or he is so scared of her that he can’t get her out his life, because she believes in those things Naked.

Her friends (the few that she has) would like her to put some of her time and effort that she puts into destroying anyone who comes into contact with Neil’s life into her kids.  Neil you need to see a priest and get freed from her.

What goes around comes around or if it misses you it might get your kids. Clean your dirty windows first don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

31 thoughts on “Neil needs a Priest to get rid of Ms. Boce”

  1. Wanna saying that this Leah girl wicked ,pop down ,a teef and the worst thing in Neil life ……….
    But she like she got all the Naysayers busy cause she tek up wanna time and energy to be on hey talking bout she and WANNA MAN NEIL
    Lady keep doing wha ya doing hear ya got dem good



  2. Well looka my crosses doa nah. My words ain’t drop. Why is Neil is Neil at the woman place begging. Naked can I send pics or a recording. These wh#r $€ ain’t sure. Wanna keep out Neil business. He love it. Two clowns, oh well more love n hip hop barbados for me. Lol


  3. yuh f wid my cousin but she to soft fuh you but not me i ghetto af i could get low n nasty like you….I aint done wid your a get i coming after you


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