Olivia McKoy Homeless in Jamaica

Olivia McKoy, Olympian, begging in Jamaica

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — OLIVIA McKOY — You’re only as good as your last game!  You’re only as good as your last name!  You’re only as good as your weakest link!  You’re only as good as your longest blink!  Olivia McKoy, the real mccoy, get up on your feet and walk!  Rise Olivia, Rise!

THE STORY:  Former Jamaican javelin and discus thrower Olivia McKoy, who represented the country at two Olympic Games, is homeless and begging on the streets.  McKoy was photographed roaming the streets of Mandeville on Friday, November 11.  In the image captured by Jamaican track and field website, trackalerts, a seemingly distraught and trimmed McKoy had her hands outstretched in a plea for assistance.  “So sad to see her on the sidewalk with bags and all kind of stuff spreading out at the Cecil Charlton Park in Mandeville today,” was the caption that accompanied the heart-rending photo.  (Source: LoopJamaica)

Naked  Departure

5 thoughts on “Olivia McKoy, Olympian, begging in Jamaica”

  1. This shows how wicked these islands are. If she had some gold medals, they would have taken care of her. No medals and she gets the same shitty treatment as the rest of Jamaica,


  2. Sad! Sad !Sad!. Who is going to give her that helping hand to rise up?
    Tomorrow is being celebrated as Remembrance Day,and throughout the world there are veterans , who have served their respective countries, and eventually end up like Olivia. Sad ,Sad. Let us tomorrow also remember those like Olivia who have given unselfish service to their countries.
    In the morning,and in the evening ,we shall remember them.


  3. Black Governments Would allowed this! an Olympian in White Countries ! Worshiped by it’s People ! Not thrown in the Gutter’s of the Street’s to Seek Left Over’s!
    WOW! A Lost Race !!! Never to regained Consciousness from it’s Coma !


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