William Terry Longstroke II

Pastor Longstroke’s Long Strokes Impregnates Husband

ATLANTA, USA (Naked Departure) — WILLIAM TERRY LONGSTROKE, II — Remember these two?  After one month of (un)holy matrimony, one is claiming that the other one is three months pregnant.  And the announcement was made in the CHURCH.

Now, we hear talk about people walking out, but why, oh why, would ANY member of that church still be sitting in the pew?  And, as you may have guessed, Longstroke is the pastor.  Naked Departure


THE STORY:  Members of Atlanta’s Little Rock Missionary Church Of God walked out of service last night when their pastor Mr. Willam Terry Longstroke II brought it to their attention that his husband of one month Mrs. Donte Terry was 3 months pregnant with what he claim to be a blessing. Long time member Fred Johnson had to be rushed to the hospital after hearing the news, the last words you could hear being said where, he was just at the urinal.  Pastor William Terry said he will not let his church member nor the devil stop his blessing from coming true and that him and Mrs. Terry will not tolerate any haters in the church. Over 98 members left the church and said they were no coming back until Mrs. Terry took a s**t… because he definitely isn’t having a baby.  (Internet News)

8 thoughts on “Pastor Longstroke’s Long Strokes Impregnates Husband”

  1. If there is a shortage of housing in Atlanta for black and poor people,I would suggest giving this church a good scrub and donating it to the needy .
    Stalin wasn’t far wrong when he started to turn churches into factories.


  2. NEW YORK NATIVE ! !.! ! What’s UP!
    THEM ! is two hard back Men ! With Big Overgrown testicales talking bout he Pregnant fa he ! A STICK Of Dynamite Up Each Of them Ass With a real Short Fuse , and Light ITT! Send them to Hell Quickly to born the ILD ! Not Child ! That’s What this WORLD Coming too ! Well helped them delivered Quickly ! Sexy Sweet Women OUTT their ! and all Nasty Men Want to do is Play UP! IN SEWAGE ! I Say Dynamite🔥🔥🔥 the Sewage Well’s to bits and Piece’s! Bad Man ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! !!2016 .🔫


  3. IT ! Sound’s good man ! Real Good ya ! Only One thing Missing , to Complete ITT! Some DYNAMITE And Blow the Whole Place Up to Hell !
    With all it’s Occupant’s . BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! Bad Man 2016///////


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