Prostate exams in Barbados are Horrible for Doctors!!

Prostate Examinations in Barbados a Nightmare!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good afternoon Naked Departure.  I see where you received and were bothered by a video of a man and the Musclecat lady.  Naked, you have not seen anything yet!

Naked Departure, I can tell you that when ‘respectable’ men, men with wives and children, men in high government positions come in for prostate examinations, they present with lax rectal muscles, some with fecal incontinence, hemorrhoids, etc.  Naked Departure, these are not things caused by the passage of stool.  You have to be careful not to say anything or you would hear an echo!  You have to be careful not to have your entire arm get ‘lost way’ (as Bajans jargon would say) in their anuses.

Naked Departure, the men in Barbados are engaging in homosexual activities at an alarming rate. Sometimes I want to shout “what the hell is going on here” when I am examining them.  Sometimes even before they disrobe, you can detect the smell of fecal matter; in other words Naked Departure, they smell like sh**!

When the health department here talks about an acute rise in sexual organ cancers, they should really tell the Barbadian people the truth.  Even oral cancer is on the rise here.

Then to think that these men leave with or go home to wives.   No judgment.  Just another day here in the life of a doctor.  You talk about slavery and other such ills as being the problem.  I would add that it could be the English gentlemen on the West Coast who come here and pay handsomely to have relations with our young 12-year-old boys.

Naked Departure, I am an optimist but I will say there is hardly any hope for Barbados.  As professionals, what can we do — except to shake our heads and say: “what the hell is going on here!”    Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Prostate Examinations in Barbados a Nightmare!!”

  1. If you suspect something talk to the patient? Lololololol my friend bajan men just love to f one another. If I didn’t have a good woman already I probably wouldn’t want one cause chances are one of her former lovers was a buller


  2. WE ! Can Solve this Problem together Dr. ! Carry to Work a Gun ! Every BULLER Man Or BISEXUAL that attends your Office ! Leave’s in a Body Bag ! and get Other Doctor’s to Follow !

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