Punished for voting for Donald Trump

VIDEO, A Black Donald Trump Lover Gets PUNISHED

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) A young, black Donald Trump lover is punished and traumatized on video.  He voted for Donald Trump in school.  He is invited to look for another place to live.  Is she a good or bad mother?  Naked Departure


14 thoughts on “VIDEO, A Black Donald Trump Lover Gets PUNISHED”

  1. How can a child vote….wunna hear wunna self…. Use logic here. You mean wunna so asleep ….how can a child vote. Funny how there is a camera everywhere are we sleeping with go pros too?just fuh likes and sharea


  2. I don’t advertised or Support Violence towards Women , Watching this Clip ! Violent thought’s against this STUPID ! Mother ! Started to Manifest in my heart against this Uneducated Mother ! That’s Why the Majority Of Our Black Children are Stagnant , we don’t allowed them to Make decision’s or Choice’s from early , What the Idiot ask the Child Last ! Should have been ask first ! This is What the Idiot Should have Said to the Child ! Hi Son , I Understood you have Voted for Mr. Trump ! today at School , Can you tell me Please Why you Voted for him and not Hillary Clinton My dear , the Idiot Would have an everlasting relationship with her Child if She had Spoke to the Child Correctly .


  3. @ Becky

    You could only be an ignorant c.

    You were going down the right path until you caterogrize All blacks as being ignorant.

    I have met many stupid ignorant pale skin people as there is so such thing as white colour skin people.

    Ignorance is a part of all races that is why we are mankind.


  4. What type of ignorant animal is she? This is abuse. The child was probably taught in school that he had the freedom to vote for who ever he wanted. Had he been 18 this would have been a direct violation of his constitutional right as an American Citizen. Black people are always displaying massive amounts of ignorance. I’m glad we got our country back. #TRUMP


    1. You is one ignorant c. You got your country back. Does it belong to you , Donald Trump or the pale colour people. You all dont owned nothing. The last time i read my bible is said the earth is the lord and everything in it.


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