Fight outside Norman Manley Airport

Video – Jamaicans Fight Outside Airport

JAMAICA (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — Domestic Violence Caught on Tape — The Norman Manley International Airport was a scene of a disgraceful incident which left at least three persons facing possible assault and wounding charges.  One man’s finger was bitten off and his locks pulled out of his head.  Naked Departure

People in the fight:  Winston Bailey, his estranged wife Lavern-Wilson Bailey, her daughter Jessica McLeod, and Bailey’s current companion Althea Nelson


8 thoughts on “Video – Jamaicans Fight Outside Airport”

  1. The is normal behavior now in the World with black People ! A Lost People , Mather Luther king Wasted his Life , Malcolm X , Bob Marley’ a Cancerous Race ! Mortally Wounded Mentally.


    1. The problem with them is thatn o one tells them that they are wrong. Women dont because they dont want to get cuss and men dont because they dont want to offend and lose a chance to get puzzy.


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