Keimar Gibson

Z1184 Keimar Gibson

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KEIMAR GIBSON — Naked, let me tell Bajans about this man who plays so innocent.  Back in September he came with the sob story about how his girl pregnant and he short on rent and he don’t have nowhere to go to lend him $200 I will get it back by weekend.  The following Wednesday he borrow another $165 cause Digicel soft touch he cell 257-3757.  All this time whenever he did a job for me I paid him.

Burt's Bees Lipstick
Burt’s Bees Lipstick

Naked, to try and see what sort of person he was 3 Sundays ago I told him I want a drop home I ain’t got no money which I had.  He start telling me how things ruff but yes he will come.  All I called he won’t answer his phone until I send a text telling him I want my money and nothing to do with him and he allowed me to know I unreasonable. Naked, next thing his bumpy-face woman calling my phone cussing me about how they were using me and she know I sick and I should lay down and dead.  All of a sudden Naked, Keimar gone into hiding and won’t pay me my money.  But he forget I see the cuts and bruises and tear up money the Saturday before when she beat he and threw his ass out.

Naked, if Keimar don’t get me my money, every day I will send you more about him and the outside Jamaican woman he got that retarded as hell and more with pictures.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Z1184 Keimar Gibson”

  1. My comments aint loading but i know this fat freak sshe used to give my child father money she name Charlene nn orville she went garrison amd dis fella amd his gf is my fren if she post anyth I else on this I gine spill all sje business she’s walk round buyinn men i dunno wa d man woman amd any other woman he got has anyghing to do wid she n money she she like she vex cause d man didn’t want she wa she used to smell from school


  2. Where de Man Picture is ! Let ma see the dam photo Man! Good! Send it to Naked ! So the Jamaican Woman , Cut he asssss ! Good ! He is a Gir Man ! and not a Bad Man ! Hummmmmmm !


  3. now you wrote bout this man before, you know what kinda man he is and yet you still round his as begging for his friendship by loaning him money, seem you want him for a man and you know all the bad he is, or is it the nasty low down sex he give you that you like, and got you hook, you sound like a real stupid woman and he right to use ya as cause you wont keep from round he, seem wanna women like bad treatment and there nice decent men out there who would treat a woman good and cant get a nice woman, all like my good friend who cant find a nice one and like he give up,, some you all women deserved what you all get, then want to cry fowl, after seeing all the red flags,


    1. U sound like a real ignorant fat black greasy musty top heavy rotten teeth old fashion foolish ————————————————————————–


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