Pedophiles terrorize Barbadian children

Abused Children in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good Evening Naked Departure.  If you allow me, I will be blogging here from time to time about things that are of great public importance in Barbados.  This IS the only avenue there is and I have searched my head, my heart and discussed this with my wife and children.

Naked Departure, there is no clear protocol to follow when a child comes in for medical care and the doctor sees signs of sexual abuse.  Yes, the child care board can be called, the police can be called, but it does nothing to protect the child.  Naked Departure, sometimes when we do question the child, the child is already prepared, by the parent, not to answer the questions.  The child is usually scared out of their minds!  We hear things like “we fell out of a tree”  or “hurt ourselves on a bike”.

Naked Departure, a child/toddler came in 100% sexually abused and with a STD and her father was a police officer.  A senior officer.  Naked Departure, there are things we need to think about (and that should never be) before we escalate things.  We don’t want to somehow end up having cocaine planted in our vehicles or called away to court and be sitting around for hours and no one shows up at the appointed time or even go to trial (which almost never happens) and have the long, dragged out process of nothing happening.  Naked Departure, for something that is this important, Barbados makes it incredibly hard to follow through on sexual abuse of a child.  Many times the parent takes money for it all to go away.

Children are greatly endangered here in Barbados.  They suffer, die and become disabled.  Again, like you’ve said on Naked Departure, only the poor people are going to jail.  Our attorney general and the DPP control these situations and no one in the Lodge or in any other elite club will go to jail for raping a child.  Yes, there are pedophiles everywhere in Barbados.

Naked Departure, I would like to do more, but the risk of being shamed or framed is high.  I don’t think I will go to jail, but I don’t want to be threatened with it either.  Can we save the children in Barbados?  I don’t think we can.  All we can do is treat, and on the rare occasion where we absolutely have no choice, call the CCB.  Other than that, we protect our children from the pedophile teachers and others in the community.

I saw the comments on my post of yesterday, but you should let your commenters know that I finally will be able to sleep at nights.   As I continue to blog, Anonymous

Naked Departure

2 thoughts on “Abused Children in Barbados”

  1. In life you only have one life to live.

    I have had the crooked Barbados Police try to frame me and planted “evidence” in my vehicle so I can attest to your concerns.

    I fought them in Court and prevailed.

    Don’t let them intimidate you.

    Keep sharing and exposing the wickedness.


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