WOMAN anonymous

Debra Leacock

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DEBRA LEACOCK — Naked, this one here Debra Leacock is a lucky woman.  Naked, she when down Black Rock and Eagle Hall and had her pick of the litter, even that one Richie Rich.

But Naked, Richie is terribly abusive to her but she takes it all for nothing!!  When women are around Richie, he can’t carry her out.  She works two or three days and has to give Richie her money and then has to sit and wait on Chris for  money.  Where she works he stopped her from talking to all her co-workers

Naked, the abuse she takes is unbearable!  All she does is cry and when he has the young girls in the house she has to go back home with that girl she got for a son.

Naked, the men here in Barbados treat even the women who like them bad like dogs!  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Generic)

4 thoughts on “Debra Leacock”

  1. Well that’s what the women in Barbados like ugly bad smelling ugly r**s hole men that treat them bad.Men that are abusive and also treat their children bad. D–gy rules!


    1. And those are the kind of men the women love. She would never never leave him or horn him she will even kiss the dirt that he walk on even though he is abusive and treats her like a dog.


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