Saltfish, with a head


THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — SALTFISH — Naked, since never having seen a head on saltfish, it’s easy not to even think of it as a ‘real’ fish.  Never has it crossed my mind that it was something that was once alive and swam around in the ocean.  It’s always only just been saltfish!  How the scales got on it never bothered me because I never bought it with skin/scales.  Bones in saltfish?  Never bought that kind either!  It was just something you bought, soaked in hot/warm water, and fried up with lots of onions and pepper!  Where it came from and how it got salted and in the local supermarkets was never a topic, an issue or of any concern.

Now Naked, the saltfish has shown up on my news feed with a head.  Now this has brought a whole new meaning for me for saltfish.  It has a head, it was once alive, it probably had children or, excuse me, other fish.  Was it somewhat salty before it was salted?  And the head makes it resemble something…, a lizard, a frog, an iguana?

Knowledge/information, indeed, is good!  But just like how I never think about where salt comes from, I wish I’d never seen this saltfish with a head.  Naked Departure

Salt Fish
Salt Fish

2 thoughts on “Saltfish”

  1. There is no such thing as a fish called saltfish. The fish, traditionally, used is cod fish which is salted and left out to dry. So…the article and accompanying picture is not representative of any salt fish I have ever known.


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