Naked, the devil made me do it!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I could not help myself.  Naked, I went to the beach the other day with my friend and she husband and them kids and when he jump in the water and bounce up, the package was exposed.  Naked, when I tell you a package, I mean a Hummer in a sea of bicycles.  Naked, I had to have it to stop my mout from watering.

But Naked, the man like he was slow or he trying to be faithful or someting, cause he didn’t seem to understand de programme.  Naked, I show he the cat, he staring at me like a fool.  Naked, I push up pon he and pinch he, he give me a side look and sit down.  Naked, this man like he never had nah woman run he down.  So Naked, I had to take matters into my own capable hands…yes Naked, Hummer matters and all!


Naked, when I showed up when I know good and well ‘she’ wasn’t home, he let me in…Naked, I thought I wouldda had to knock down the door, but he let me in and was heading back to sit in front the TV.  Naked, I couldn’t help myself.  Naked, I grabbed **** ** ** **** and *** it in ** ***** and Naked * ***** and I ****** ****** ****** and then ******* and roll *** ******* ******** and then ***** ****** ************* and then ****** ********* and when he think we dun I ****** and then ********** ******* ********* rub ****** come to momma ****** ***** bubbies **** * *** and ********* ***** back in.  Naked, .30  minutes tops and I was in and out and calling she on the phone asking she where she is.

Naked, the devil made me do it!  I ain going back fah he tho ’cause I really like my friend.   Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Generic, internet)

13 thoughts on “Naked, the devil made me do it!!”

  1. Well well shite just gone to another level
    But when yah look this was happening for years
    A lot of older generation did it but
    People used to sweep it under the carpet
    But ppl get more bold and open now
    I know a lady that was the bride maid of honor and the husband was sexing her for years
    Only when she got breed all the truth came came out


  2. BOY’S ! You have to have a back Up Generator for her ! to Much VOLTAGE! Light and Power now Want to buy Electricity from her ! $ 1000 dollar’s Per Killer Watt’s. I is a Bad Man ! and I Can’t Confront this Kind Of
    VOLTAGE! I now have to restock my arsenal after reading her Level of Electricity across this Little Island ! I hope light and Power never have a black Out again after this transfer Of Power! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man !


  3. TOMMY! Boy ! that too Hott to handle for you ! She is Pure Electricity High Voltage ! You need’s Rubber boot’s ! Glove’s ! and a Long Ladder! ! !
    to Short Circuit that ! if not you can be Electrocuted , Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man ! don’t want to Lose a friend yet by Electrocution ! It’s better if you fall Out a breadfruit tree boo , not by Electrocution ! So Stay With ya ! Wife ! and Leave these High Voltage Women alone , before they Kill ya ! My Friend . BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man !


  4. WELL I TELL YA ! That’s What’s Friend’s are For ! It’s a good thing you’re not her Enemy ! Men Love this Kind Of Electricity ! but Women Who entrusted Women as Friends around they Man ! doesn’t Find’s this behavior amusing! It’s Most Dangerous ! This Woman Surely going to find Out ! From this Network !


  5. Who need a friend like you, and Myron mid the single men out there bulling or in prison and the rest teii you they don’t have s woman which is a big ass lie.


  6. THREE Words “A WUFFLESS S-T” and stop blaming de Devil he aint mek you do nutten you just nasty as f, no morals de D shudda left yuh open like sprain door and sore till yuh cah piss


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