Policies and Contracts… The New Revolution

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  — Naked, there is much fustration, concern and debate currently of the state of affairs in Barbados.  Areas that are having much impact are those of Water resourse and Management, Sanitation, Health, The Economy, Education, Housing, Roads, Banking, Insurance, Unions and Credit Unions and Taxation to name a few.  All these issues are ROOTED in POLICY and CONTRACT and the non-inclusive mentality.

Policies and Contracts… The New Revolution

POLICY: A course of action adopted by a Government, Party, Commercial Entitity or person.

CONTRACT: A written or spoken agreement.  WRITTEN. A written document conveying ALL relevant and TRUE information AND ratified by signatures of BOTH PARTIES named in the document.
SPOKEN. An agreement made by affirmation to or to give consent to, of or an approval granted.


GOVERNMENT is controlled by its CONSTITUTION, by TREATIES, MEMORANDUMS of UNDERSTANDING (MOUs), PROTOCOLS of global agencies etc. and by the ACTS/LAWS of the land. It exercises control by way of these ACTS/laws, regulations and codes. Being a signatory to the (“Global/International Document”), the Government has to abide by the agreement of “contract”. Any good political intent may very well be thwarted if the content of a proposed global/International contract superceeds that of local political/electorate wishes/intent AND forfeits possession of sound governance, control and mandate.

The aims and objectives of Policy must be coherent to the betterment of a PEOPLE, PLACE, PERSON or THING. Of SITUATIONS and CIRCUMSTANCES. A formulated and plausable idea by construct, as a means to an end, accomplishing an objective. POLICY IS STRUCTURED from a collective consensus agreed upon by those that will benefit from such an exercise. They are those, (unscrupulous persons) who seek self benefit (service to self ), by initiating policy by stealth, with no real benefit only to those who implement them.

By agreement of parties involved, when constructed without consensus, it carries the root cause of problems being experience by the citizenry/persons it effects.  CONTRACTS not written in the correct QUANTUM PARSE SYNTAX GRAMMER is deemed NO CONTRACT, it is illusional, written in fiction, written in adverb verb, and does not adhere to THE MATHS INTERFACE OF LANGUAGE.  Whether the origin is Global, International or local, be it contructed for contractual business, if it resides in verb adverb language it is ficticious in nature.  ALL QCs, lawywers, Attorneys, Solicitors and Judges have been trained in Verb Adverb language (THE LAW OF THE LAND) AND WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE RETRAINED IN Q.P.S.G..
It is a diffrent “kettle of fish” in MARITIME/ADMIRALTY LAW. FOR THE CLAIM of THE CORRECT SENTENCE STRUCTURE OF QUANTUM PARSE SYNTAX GRAMMER (PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES = FACT) as the maths interface, the illusions and falsity of contract can be easily deciphered and debunked, making it null and void.


POLICIES AND CONTRACTS must be revisited for authenticity. Must be revisited for “value of intent”, For the correctness of grammer structure, intent and purpose.  No Contract is binding that is full of illusion and fiction. The REBUTTAL OF CONTRACT IF PROVEN NECESSARY.  Contract is TRUE only when written in the correct structure of QUANTUM PARSE SYNTAX GRAMMER, HAVING FULL UNDERSTANDING of the conveyance of ALL information (true and not misleading) BEING FACTUAL, of statements and of clauses, must be disclosed and explained, having signatures of BOTH parties to the contract, having the correct postal stamps affixed, and hard copies in possession of BOTH Signatories.  Any witnesses to contract must be present at signing.  If the representative of a nation/country/state/party/onstituency/business/group/classs or otherwise does not inform or duly NOTIFY ITS MEMBERS OF THE CONTENTS of a proposed contractual agreement WITHOUT CONCENSUS BEFORE signing a contract, makes it null and void.  DIALOG, CONSULTATION via concensus be it by townhall meetings, vote or the like must PRECEDE the ratification of any contract.

SPECIAL NOTE:  THE POWER OF A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. (edited) “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” GOVERNMENTS, CORPORATIONS and INDIVIDUALS fear the onslaught of a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.  For those who are suffering, being defrauded, being manipulated and being duped by extortion, by means of POLICIES and”CONTRACTS” of stealth, use of “law, regulations and codes, can SEEK RECOURSE that are of…

1. FALSE and MISLEADING INFORMATION, via contracts, advertising, misleading statements.
2. FALSE and FICTICIOUS CONVEYANCE OF GRAMMER as an illusion, written in adverb verb.
3. DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS under the coloring of law.
4. CONDUCTING CRIMINAL ACTIVITY HAVING KNOWLEDGE OF and making no effort to modify or disclose.
6. FOR NOT CONVEYING LEGAL DOCUMENTS in the correct sentence structure of the Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar.
7. JUDGEMENTS made by impersonators. PERJURY (having knowledge of a fact but tells a lie TO TWIST IT).
8. MISAPPROPIATION. Failing to carry out ones’ legal duties.. monetizing by enrichment, other than that intended.
8. MAIL FRAUD by non affixing or photocopying of stamps and issuing supposedly LEGAL documents without endorsement of stamps.
9. MISREPRESENTATION. (ANYTHING within a box cannot be considered).
10.UNILATERAL CONTRACTS (Contracts with one signature, not signed by the other party).

BY ESTABLISHING THE FACTS and LAW by protocol, BEING THE VESSLE in dry dock in Maritime/Admiralty LAW declaring the illusions of MISDEEDS and FICTION. NO LAW OR FACT SHALL BE ARGUED IN COURT.  Compensation will be rewarded to the collective or group in the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS provides claims for the recourse OF INJURY and it is available to groups of consumers whose suffering can be attributed to a common cause. It also establishes protection of groups.  On winning a C.A.L, each member is awarded the same amount.  As in the USA, the penalty/fine is US$25 000 000 or 30 years imprisonment per each breach of established Law.  For the reward of the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT each member will receive USA$25 000 000.00
A group can be the citizenry of a country, a consumer body, a corporate or otherwise workforce, a membership, persons coming together with the experience of like injustices, CLIENTS… etc.
A legal representative versed in Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar is highly recommended.


1. CORRUPT IRREGULARITIES in Legal documents NOT ADHERENT TO the LAW of fact.
2. MORTGAGES with false and fictitious conveyances of Language, GRAMMER, statements.
3. UNILATERAL CONTRACTS (loans or any contractual agreement) with the non issue of hard copies, without the lenders signature and stamps.
4. INAPPROPRIATE BILLINGS (STATEMENTS) must be examined and verified for legality (must carry a printed serial number IN RED).
6. ILLUSIONAL CONVEYANCES/FICTION of product safety via false advertising of goods and services.
7. EMPLOYERS who willfully flout the Law in regards to discrimination and employees RIGHTS.
8. BUSINESS ENTITIES which charge excessive interest rates, fees and penalties (ENGINEERING DUE DATE for late payments fees etc.,.). for which NO GENUINE/TANGIBLE GOODS or SERVICES has been rendered.
9 FOR CLAIMS of public and private nuisance, trespass, negligence, injury, unjust enrichment, fraudulent misrepresentation, misappropriation and civil conspiracy BY THOSE WHO WOULD COHERSE FOR ENRICHMENT.
FORENSIC INVESTIGATION, following the money trail as well as credible evidence can produce sound STANDING.


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