Peter Lauer

Suffering and Uncertainty working with Peter Lauer

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, you know how glad we are for your blog?  I mean Cin Cin and Primo staff.  You have no idea.  Guess what I heard today. Heard that Alan Evelyn, owner of Rotherley Construction and a director of Primo and Cin Cin as well,  hired Peter Lauer to do his dirty work because he hates the past and still current owners Larry Rogers and Michelle Rogers. By the way, from what  I heard, Larry and Michelle messed up the old staff by not paying them severance and now paying them under Chaps Restaurants cause them say we in a recession.

Naked, I letting you know what is going on because Peter Lauer’s plan is to fire all the old staff  by setting them up as I told you before and hire new staff on a regular so that they don’t got to pay out any severance. Peter Lauer said he wants to start with a clean slate but up to them to let he frame them and fire them without a brown cent.

One of the butt kisssers who is part of the old staff as well, who got suspended the other day say that them ain’t paying out no old staff.  Aint he a f—ing idiot Naked?  Cause he is old staff too.  What kinda a-sh–e he could be Naked when he is f—ing old staff too.  This ras—e real retarded.

The promotion of NUMBER ONE kissass gone straight to he f—ing head.  Naked, imagine Peter Lauer says at a meeting that he can’t trust nun a we cause he don’t know who informing you Naked.  But I glad is f–k that we got you Naked real thing.

Naked, I tell you no lie this man Peter Lauer is a REAL F—-ing LIAR!  He tells lies like them going out of style.  The time he tek to lie on innocent people and try to frame them he should go home when the nights come to he wife and KEEP OUT OF THE STRIP CLUBS WITH FOOLISH RAS—E black ignorant staff who he does use to destroy the other black staff. Them so foolish them ain’t realize that other people  coming in with lighter skin and getting more money than them, while them destroying them own and Peter  Lauer  going home with not over nine thousand a month  but rash–e ten thousand a month for doing NOT ONE RASH–e other than lying and fu—ng up the show when the nights come.

Naked, the LIAR said that he had people to promote but since we write to you he ain’t promoting nobody but Naked, if somebody is deserving of a promotion what it has to do with writing the truth and nothing but the truth!  Peter Lauer lies on every f—ing  body. Including Neil Kathy Jacqui Jason Jeremy Betty Greg Michelle Larry Shurland Simeon Delia Sessell Regan Shawn Sherryann Sarah Andrea Nikita Maria Regan Andre and the list goes on Naked.

We  will expose his dirty lying dishonest ass every day.  Keep up the good work Naked.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Suffering and Uncertainty working with Peter Lauer”

  1. I NAKED! ! ! ! YA ! boss ! OUR Nable String buried here! bosssss ! No White Man ! Int Running We No Way bout ! hay ! Ya Mad ! Or Was ! Not this time ! them Expired ! this time !


  2. YOU! have two Problem’s the House Negros ! then the White Man ! Eradicate the house Negro first , at all Cost then the White Man! No White Man Is to Live here Comfortable While terrorising black BAJANS! In Our Country ! Burned his Apartment down , throw Fire Cocktails in his Car ! and Shoot at him When he Leaving home or Work ! STOP! being afraid Of White People , it’s Over ! White People Should be afraid Of US , for the Year’s Of Wrong and Murder Carried Out by them , against US!
    WE! have enough Gun’s and dynamite to attack ! Come together and Confront him , if you all Can’t Work in Barbados ! the BITC_ Can’t Work Either ! Poison him in the Kitchen , or Something , Stop Playing with him !
    he is Expired Now !!!!!!!!!


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