police in barbados

Video – Police making arrest in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — This is a video of police making an arrest in Barbados.  The blogger cites police brutality but you can judge for yourself.  The girl taking the video like she’s more interested in fame (like the one-eyebrow girl) than taking a good video.  Naked Departure

15 thoughts on “Video – Police making arrest in Barbados”

  1. @Bajan to the Bone
    “that’s the Only POLICE brutality I See here . the Videographer Should be the One being Arrested here for this Poor Footage not the Man! ”

    Dude I tried to watch it., but the videographer (1) has a short attention span and could not keep her focus (2) blind in both eyes (3) seem to be a bobble head doll. I started to get giddy and disoriented.. I had to stop watching. Somebody need to give her classes on how to hold a phone and how to record.


  2. Bunch o c. If I was that police to be honest I would have been facing a murder charge. The police need to take back Barbados from these miscreants. And the jack rabbit with the camera want arresting for obstruction. Little does she know that as simple as it seem she could have been charged and convicted for obstruction. Hope no one impregnates her because that’s gonna be one more person for police to have to arrest. Sad but true.


  3. We’ll see how bad u are wen the task force come. Them was bad in part one of the video…now de reinforcements arrive there is no one to be seen…dem dey drunk as pirates ….location parks road.St.joseph …Brinks and he drunken crew.


    1. Don’t need task force for these idiots. Just regular police who know the rules and limits and not afraid. Because if that was me when his hand in my face we would fight. Because right there that is assault and he is a bad man so I know big fight gone brek down and I ent scared. Police need to take back Barbados from these cunts.


  4. To the nuisance with the camera: Maybe he wanted to arrest you because of your foul ghetto mouth. As ive been saying and will continue to say. The black female is utterly rediculous and uses her sexuality to do dumb sh!t on a daily basis just because she can get away with it.


  5. yes there is a second part of the video and there still isnt any police brutality , all i see is a bunch of you men and a few in the crowd trying to get kill, like the clear skin guy who was very aggressive, you know what i like about the USA POLICE, you would have been told to keep away and clear the area, and the same guy up in the police face he would be dead, and the girl with the video she again displaying the stupidity of the youth, no sence she got and can you believe some body gine breed she, just think of the up bringing of her off spring, and you know ppl dont realize that the young women here are just as bad as the men, when it come to crime, and they help encourage the men in they folly, the same guy using abusive language to the police, you see when i was in the military and we were on a scene he would be gone long removed and help for days giving him time to think about what he had done and said, BARBADOS is 50 years old as they say, and at 50 we should be mature, but 50 years old and we acting like this, then age is a high price to pay for maturity , may god save your soul barbados,


  6. THE ! Police are the One’s being brutalized here by the VIDEOGRAPHER!
    that’s the Only POLICE brutality I See here . the Videographer Should be the One being Arrested here for this Poor Footage not the Man! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! Bad Man 2016 / / / /


  7. once again i must say some of you all stupid bajan just like to support any thing that is wrong, why you all like to see ppl brake the law, cause wanna bout this thing you all calling badness,,what you all want to see here in barbados, villages of criminals and crime all around, and once again you have another stupid young girl trying to justify the fact that a law was broke and police should leave it be, you see where the future of this country is, in the hands of ppl like her, you all does go to the USA CANADA and ENGLAND just for a vacation and quickly transform to the rules and regulations, and if you decide to live there wanna keep ya all nose clear and clean, you all follow the law to the letter,but here at home you dont have respect for your own laws, thats the start of the level of stupidity,, let jamaica be an example for some you stupid ppl here, you see the police dont go in some places when there is a call about violence and other place only turn up days later ,, thats because of the resistances that the ppl put up over the years to try to cover up and beat down the police for the illegal activity in those places,, thats is an episode to come here,when you cry wolf when it show hope you have big sticks to beat it away, just might be to late, respect the law, some aspect you might not like but respect it the same way you would respect the USA and the others when you go vist,


  8. One of the police is that dog Anthony chucky cadogan. In the plaid shirt and khaki pants. Where there is wrongful doing to people he leads. Leave him to his own demise


  9. I see no police brutality I see the guy seemly was looking to run away and the police swiftly ran and apprehend him but in the short clip no brutality the person that recorded the video should look for a dictionary and look for the definition of brutality


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