Ashell Griffith of Black Rock

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ASHELL GRIFFITH — Naked, the next house for the police to raid is Ashell Griffith house.  Naked, her son Jamal does got real guns and weed stash about there.   Somehow I feel he is one of the silent stashers for the buller crew MMG.  I saw a move the other night and couldn’t believe it.  More info soon Naked.

Them feel them making moves in Black Rock but only faking moves.  Real bosses move with themselves.  In the end who can’t hear will feel.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Ashell Griffith of Black Rock”

  1. The police don’t only search for guns,they does search for runaway girls,murders, thieves, frauds.And they does also investigate unfit mothers and the person that wrote this you know who you is and I know who you is and your family consist of one of the above ….So s Yuh M


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