Blacks were clearly identified as Vikings

BARBADOS/CARIBBEAN (Naked Departure) — Naked, this is the truth that is being revealed for every black man, woman and child in the Caribbean and around the world to know.  Thanks for the shortened version Dreamstar.

Many of us have known the truth and have been trying to pass it along to younger generations for decades, but most people much prefer live in the fantasies and lies that were created for them……C’est la seule façon dont ils peuvent gérer la laideur dans leur vie, incapable de faire face à la réalité.

“A caution on sources.  Please note: The ancient texts that are quoted here, must be taken in the context of our current reality. Whites have the ancient materials, and provide the showings and the translations.  As has been shown with the statues and stele, where noses have been changed or broken off: so it is with the texts.

The truthfulness and accuracy of the presented product, is totally dependant on who processed it. Some whites are honest, but experience indicates that most are degenerate liars (read any history book).

Sometimes the lies are small, and sometimes they are huge.  Sometimes an apparently small and unimportant lie, is actually a big lie, in that it changes the overall meaning.  The two main sources for on-line Ancient Texts, are the “Internet Sacred Text Archive” and The “Internet Archive” both are excellent, but both depend on voluntary translations and scanning.  The on-line free encyclopedia “Wikipedia” also depends on voluntary donation of articles.  And all have the same problem, if a lying racist submits material, who but an expert would know, thus, the lies become quoted fact.

The writings quoted above are not new, most of it has been in existence for almost 2,000 years.  Transitioning away from the ancient, which was honestly written, to that of the modern era, in which little is truthful or honest is difficult, so we will use the medium of example. As a reminder: in the material above, Blacks were clearly identified as Vikings.”   Well Well & Consequences

Naked Departure

2 thoughts on “Blacks were clearly identified as Vikings”

  1. The Irish were thought by other Europeans to be descendants of the Vikings, and that’s why they were referred to as the”Niggers of Europe”.


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