Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum and the Donald Trump Effect!

WASHINGTON DC (Naked Departure) — EMMY ROSSUM is reporting that Trump’s supporters are sending her messages threatening to send her and her ‘ilk’ to the gas chambers”.   Apparently, they also told her to get “ready for the trains,” and sent augmented photos of Auschwitz emblazoned with Trump’s name.

Given an opportunity to creep out, you’d be surprised at the thoughts in the minds of so-called ordinary people.  And this is in the United States.  Can you imagine what the world stage, given an opportunity to showcase all their pent-up anger/truths/feelings, would look like?  Absent policing of thoughts and the outcropping of thinking in action, the world would light ablaze with racists, homosexuals and murderous intent with actual murders.


Past ills, imagined or real, and going back to the beginning of time, will be revenged.   The rich and wealthy would have to find hiding places.  Children will summarily destroy their offending parents.  People would take what they want or what they think is due to them.  The world would be in chaos if people were allowed to be free!

There is something to be learned from the historic event of the Trump presidency and the history being made now which shows that white men in America felt marginalized.  And the more we give birth to children, the more we will see the continued manifestation of all things pent up, denied and waiting to give birth to FREEDOM TO BE FREE.  Naked Departure

(Photo: JPost)

2 thoughts on “Emmy Rossum and the Donald Trump Effect!”

  1. TRUMP!! Radical that’s the Problem for half the World! that dealt With Ordinary People and Crooked Politician’s all they Lives , they are afraid Of radicalism , all it is ! People that Speak Freely and Called it as they See it ! not how Someone else See’s it .


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