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Trevor Seals

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked I thank you for this forum.  Now Naked, I want to ask of your readers or anyone who can give me answers please help me to get the address of Trevor Seals.  This man has betrayed the trust of a family.

It’s only when stories came out on this forum Naked Departure which I would hear co-workers talking about that I know about you, never think I would be writing Naked.  Sometime back my brother brought to my attention that Trevor, an old family friend, was featured in Naked as a rapist.  We got a talking one night we the family and my life change that day.

Naked, I promise you I would follow this up in detail in the future.  I need his address or work address so he can be served.

PS.  I would advise anyone who knows this man and had or have him around your home check your children boys and girls, children don’t always tell.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Trevor Seals”

  1. This man Trevor seale known as Ben like to rape children and young school girls he is a thief he come with sad stories and borrow ya money promising to give ya back in a few weeks and when the time come ya can’t find him.he always interfering with children and then say he int know what he do he needs help but would not get help, he have a drunken police officer friend name Maynard who does come and threaten his accusers to drop the complaints.I know all this because he was a friend He borrowed 5 thousand to settlement a case ,four weeks after this loan he made a pass at my 12 year old ,only find out later what he wanted the money for .his last address was plum grove lodge road in Christ church ,don’t know if he is still living or in hideing ,


    1. yup. i wasn’t about to do their job. they could have easily sent a photo. but sometimes emotions, etc. and people just don’t do everything they should. give it time. Naked


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