Veronica Price

BARBADOS/USA (Naked Departure) — VERONICA PRICE — Naked, this is to tell everyone about this woman Veronica Price an old con.  She has no fix place of abode and is from pillar to post both in the USA and Barbados.  She can’t keep a job, hates to work and pretends she has a disability and walks with a cane  in America to get money but when in Barbados she walks perfect and acts normal

Naked, this woman is a stranger to the truth and is very dishonest, when it comes to money her hands light like a feather.  She likes a lot of confusion, strive making and unnecessary  drama.  This woman needs some serious help.  She can’t be trusted, she can’t even trust herself.


Naked,at her age she should be further in life and way better not begging people and trying to scam people for money to live.  Nobody in her family likes her.  She is wicked, miserable and unhappy and seeking attention.  Naked, misery likes company anyway but she needs to stop because she is taking it to the extreme I was told.

Veronica, stop what you are doing and get a man but then again nobody ain’t gonna want you because you can’t keep a house clean and all you want to do all day is lay down on the computer, some days without even bathing and also the state you in and the way you look in body.  It’s proven you have two husbands, one in USA and the other in Barbados and none don’t want you.  What you should do is stop creating problems for people.  Stop worrying and checking for people who don’t check for you.  The people HAPPY.

GO AND GET A LIFE and make yourself happy with the little time you have left on earth.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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