Barack and Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama, Thank You!

WASHINGTON, DC (Naked Departure) — THANK YOU Barack and Michelle Obama.  Thank you for being regal and respectable.  Thank you for not bringing the black race down a peg (or two)!  Thank you for not having any (sex) scandals during your presidency.  Thank you for dancing, your comedy and showing your human and fun side.  Thank you for pulling your pants up, maybe a little too high though with those jeans, but up they were!  Thank you Michelle for showing us how well an intact, functioning, black family can be when it has a strong, educated woman in its midst.  Thank you both for your grace and charm.  And, thanking you in advance for your continued service to humankind post the White House!

Michelle Obama, you are beautiful!  Naked Departure

Barack and Michelle Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama

5 thoughts on “Barack and Michelle Obama, Thank You!”

  1. MORE! Negros died in the Street’s Of America by White Racist COP’S ! Under President Barack Obama Rule! than in World War Two ! he done nothing for the Uplift meant Of Black’s ! brother’s and Sister’s in American or Outside Of America ! He haven’t Once Condemned One Of those Racists Cop’s for Murdering Our People in Cold blood ! and Unarmed at the back Of ITT ! Nor attended their Funeral ! But attended the White Cop’s Funeral that the brother’s had to avenge ! He to has Sold OUT! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man !🔫🔫🔫👍


    1. @Bajan to the bone !!!!!!
      NOVEMBER 16, 2016 AT 3:03 PM


      And for some odd reason Black people just skip over the facts you mentioned. That alone should tell you who that man is and what he is REALLY about. But nope, Obama supporters, read Black people, just want to see what they want to see. He is not here for Black people. Just another uncle Tom…that sold you out and still you put him on a pedestal. The powers that be, who put him in that position, knew full well that most people would cut him so much slack, would overlook so many signs, just because he was the so-called first Black president of the U.S.A. Actions are what count not just empty words.


  2. What exactly did Obama do for the USA? Did he keep any of his campaign promises?

    Are you being objective about Obama’s presidency or are you just seeing is skin color?

    Did he do anything about the INJUSTICE system in the USA?

    He just furthered the Bush policies and yet he was not a so-called Republican. Did he close Guntanamo Bay? Did he bring back troops from fighting the imperial wars that USA has instigated? Under his rule there were more wars, although no one is calling them wars. Under his rule Syria, Lybia were destroyed. How about the infiltration of Africa, once again, backed by the U.S. regime, did we forget about that on-going situation too?

    How about when the big banks were bailed out after causing the housing subprime lending scam and the very people affected were not afforded any such bail out?

    Just because his skin is brown does not make him our kinfolk. Instead of looking at how cute he is and other meaningless stuff actually look at what he did for the country. He, along with the next ones, are nothing more than puppets on a string doing the bidding of the people who REALLY run things.

    Understand the game, people.


  3. i can honestly say with out a doubt that the president MR OBAMA AND HIS WIFE MICHELLE OBAMA were suited for that position, the best PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY the USA ever had, not saying so because they are black but because its so, and a word for MRS PAMELA RAMSEY TAYLOR who said MRS MICHELLE OBAMA look like AN APE IN HEELS , i hope and wish that some one beat ya white A****S , YA FAT RACIST PIG,, ppl like you and TRUMP want to make the USA great again, TRUMP meant white again and bring about some form of slavery again, cause slavery is what made the USA great , off the back of black and others that the fore parent miss treat, so to the OBAMAs you have done a great job ,


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