Marston Gibson

Barbados Can’t Touch White Bajan Criminals

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THERE is talk in Barbados about the days of criminals living openly lavish lifestyles coming to an end soon if the island’s top judge has his way.  THIS IS A LIE!  A big fat lie!  Barbadians have ALWAYS profited from FRAUD!   ‘IF’ grandma had balls, she’d be grandpa!  And the only people going to jail are poor, black people.

So you are forced to ask the question: Are White People in Barbados Incapable of Committing Crimes?  Are White People in Barbados Pure and Sinless?  Don’t the White People in Barbados Lie, Steal, and Cheat?

First, Barbados’s attorney general has not brought ONE criminal case against any of the major criminals in Barbados.  NOT ONE CASE.  He is a NON CRIME FIGHTING Attorney General, the one named Adriel Brathwaite, and he is being paid to do NOTHING.  So, how would the day in the life of a criminal come to an end in Barbados when there is no one to challenge them.  No one to challenge their color?  No one to challenge their status/elitism?  To think that a black policeman can put his hands on a white Bajan businessman is preposterous!

In an effort to show that crime truly doesn’t pay, Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson and dozens of regional law practitioners met yesterday at the Radisson Aquatica Resort to look at asset recovery – confiscation of the proceeds of crime.  THIS IS A GODDAMN JOKE and they only got together for free food at taxpayers’ expense.

Will they jail Michael Carrington?  Donville Inniss?  Michael Lashley?  Denis Lowe?  Mia Mottley?  Peter Harris?  Any of the Williams brothers?  Bjerkham?  Scotia Bank and ALL the other banks in Barbados are ROBBED from the inside EVERY DAY.  All that is hushed up.

Their aim was to establish a regional asset recovery inter-agency network to govern the entire Caribbean. While stressing the importance of such a venture, the Chief Justice brought into focus the need to urgently address the situation.   THIS AIM is for them to get rich.  That’s the only thing that can happen by way of this venture.  They will disadvantage the small-time criminals and keep the gains…, it’s called piracy.

They can’t touch the entrenched criminals and/or the white man (white supremacists) in Barbados.  The police are there to run down their brothers.  The judicial system is there to jail the black man.  You all work for your queen — the white woman in England.  Crime DOES pay in Barbados.  Ask the queen!

Naked Departure

24 thoughts on “Barbados Can’t Touch White Bajan Criminals”

  1. And Thomas Harris, let’s not forget the Peter Harris money laundering network that has to be dismantled and eradicated from Barbados.

    Money laundering is an international crime as well.


  2. Don’t worry Thomas, the long arm of the law will get Peter Harris and might even snare you too, nothing lasts forever you know, crime only pays fir a while and somebody or bodies got to be the first white collar criminal(s) to go to prison for breaking the island’s laws in Barbados.


  3. Crime pays and quite well. The entire COMMON WEALTH of the british empire was stolen, every square inch of every territory. “First world countries” are “first world” because of criminal exploitation. Under what legal moral premise was control over these islands obtained by europeans in the first place?

    All these europeans know is crime. Imagine they built up themselves off robbery, rape murder/ genocide etc., and then make all those things illegal so we can’t take back what’s rightfully ours, and we have scumbuckets like these in charge that say “why, yes, perfectly fine by us, you’re the boss and we require no recompense”.

    To subjugate may be a white man’s nature; it may just be the presence of evil (or absence of a soul) in him. But for black men to support it and help them to do it to their own… these men lower than what a slug sh#t on.


  4. Wait, you have that long reach Thomas Harris to take a fellas house and clothes off his back all the way in UK, I commend you Thomas, but when I am through with you and Peter, there will be nothing left for your brother to steal from poor people in Barbados.and I will still have a roof and clothes on my back, but all that thiefing will be knocked out of Peter Harris.


      1. Thomas Harris, that is why we are hell bent on locking up Peter Harris in Barbados for breaking the island’s laws, for using the supreme court to enable perjury, for drug dealing and human trafficking.

        The DPP Charles Leacock will not be able to enable and protect Peter in cover ups of his crimes anymore, that’s the long arm of the law right there doing it’s work.

        I already told your little cokehead ass Thomas that you do not scare me, I do not fear you or Peter Harris, both of you and all the people who work for you are vulnerable because you are criminals who are being closely monitored at this time, everyone knows who and what you are on that tiny island, you get pointed out and don’t even know it.

        I have no such problems, now who do you think has the most to lose or will face the most embarrassment when the long arm of the law makes that reach. Think about it Thomas..


  5. Thomas Harris, everytime you go quiet on me, I believe there is more to that Amilcar Branch information.

    I will tell you the latest though, it has been brought to my attention in the last couple days, that the judiciary has been made aware that Peter Harris and CGI Insurance pays Transport Board bus drivers to lie in the court on the witness stand before a judge of the Supreme Court mind you, so that CGI Insurance does not lose a personal injury case, and as if that is not gross enough, Peter Harris the criminal also pays false witnesses who were not present at these accidents to go before the Supreme Court, before the judges of the Supreme Court and lie and say they were present at the acccident, when they were either never there or did not see anything.

    They give false statements Thomas, they lie to the judges and the Court Thomas, they commit perjury before Supreme Court Judges Thomas, do you and Peter Harris really think that is legal.

    Don’t you think they should all, both bus drivers and witnesses who give these false statements be arrested for perjury, dont you think that would make great headlines in the newspapers, particularly if CGIs sleazy lawyers are arrested right along with them, for knowingly enabling the subornation of perjury in the Courts.

    I would love to see that Thomas Harris and I am sure Peter Harris would love to see it too, now that everything is all out in the open. Cant be breaking the law and doing wicked, illegal things forever, just for self-enrichment now can we, christians do not break the laws of the land, now do they Thomas.

    What do you think Thomas.


    1. If you are so confident with your LIES, sign your correct name here on ND. You cannot because you know that you’ll end up losing the shirt on your back and the roof over your head. Just remember, God does not like nasty. I’ll not be responding to a coward like you any longer. I’m sure those who you are trying to impress and inflence here on ND will see through all of your lies. I’ll continue to pray for you.


      1. Thomas Harris, is that threat supposed to scare me, you live on a 2×4 island, I know where you live, I know where your brother lives and you feel you can take something from me because your brother’s criminal activities in the suprme court are all now being exposed, are you out of your mind, what other threats you have for me Thomas Harris, are you and Peter Harris crazy enough to mess with whom you do not even know, little boys, you better keep quiet, you in the big leagues now, this is not the black people in Barbados who have not yet gathered up the nerve to give you and your corrupt thieving asses a good beat down, so you better pull up, real fast.


  6. Thomas Harris, how is your relationship with Pat Cheltenham these days. It’s looking more like someone prayed for Peter Harris that he can’t stop stealing from people in Barbados, you need to pray for that, get that blight and curse gone from your brother.

    Remember I told you I had my suspicions about that Amilcar Branch information where the client got rid of him, you will be glad to hear I have not found the client yet, but I will, what you will not like hearing is that a medical report belonging to the client was withheld from the court, without the client’s knowledge, the client was given the impression thst the medical report was filed, until they found out differently.

    Popular opinion is, knowing how slimy attorneys in Barbados operate with their clients, how truly dishonest and repugnant they are, that your brother Peter Harris, being the dishonest, thiefng, lying son of a bitch he is, paid Branch to withhold that medical report from the judge.

    I will find that client, you stupid jackass.


  7. I Would release all Prisoner’s except Murderer’s and Child Rapist ! and Put the Top JUDGE! and the entire JUDICIARY behind bar’s ! for Life ! Where the Corrupted belongs , and appoint the released Prisoner’s as Prison Officer’s ! to Provide Security for them ! Let them See and Feel What they dose to Poor People .


  8. Thomas, you’re back, crooks sign paychecks for their employees too you know, you lying fraud, the only persons in Barbados Peter Harris helps is himself and family, he steals from everyone else.

    Don’t worry though, I am getting closer to the information I need to put it all out there so there will be no mistake and you wont find it necessary to jump out of your littlt box to defend Peter with your lying little ass.


    1. The Truth you sound like one possessed and frustrated idiot. The person who can’t even get credit from Courts to buy a $50 iron. I’ll ask the Lord to deliver you from your creditors. For may be if your creditors get off your back, you may finally be able to buy yourself a decent meal and a tolerable personality. Now run along you little insignificant loser. You have already had much more than your 5 minutes of fame.


  9. I must conclude that you’ll must love Peter Harris. You cannot keep his name off ND. He is a good man who has helped countless Bajans get ahead in life. None of you losers could not run a bread shop, if given the opportunity, much less sign the salary cheques of 100s of Barbadians every month. I’ll continue praying to the Almighty, asking him to purge the hate from Barbados and Barbadians.


  10. THE! Writer is absolutely Correct ! I Smile as I read this article , 1000%%% Correct ! THE! Top JUDGE have no Power around the White Man in Barbados ! he Trimble’s When they Walk’s to near him or Called his name ! For instruction’s against the black Man ! Go to Dodd’s Prison now , and find me a BAJAN White Man there ! Not One !
    While Black Barbadians and black Caribbean Nationals are Lock away and Starved Out ! by the authorities there , Just because they are Prisoner’s , the Human Rights Authorities need’s to Investigate the treatment Of Our Prisoner’s , the Poor food ! Rice 7 day’s a week , bread and butter on Morning’s and Evening’s and White Rice 7 day’s a Week ! With Meat Once a Week ! It’s Murderous ! Put BAJAN White’s Up there and See the Menu’s Changes ! the Same day .IN Short Word’s the White’s in Barbados Owned the JUDICIARY! Simple ! The Judge’s / Magistrate’s / DPP / POLICE / court’s / Attorney General / And remember Dodd’s Prison Owned by a White Canadian’ Company .
    BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man! ! !🔫


  11. Let’s see if the white collar criminals are locked up and the millions they steal from the people in Barbados confiscated. Starting with Peter Harris. Many people have doubts.

    Just dont stop putting information about the minority criminals out there, show them up if they refuse to lock up the real criminals.


  12. i had to laugh when i read the comments by the so called chief justice, i had a really good laugh, these fuckers really think people foolish tho?


  13. Did we not allow a fellow who shot and killed his son to go off to Miami. And not much came out of that case in the end.
    We as a people are still peeping out from down in the Nigger Yard.


    1. What Independence? England and Barbados Records certifies England granted Barbados Full Internal Self Government in May awaiting 30 November 1966 signing of Independence Document that could have been signed in 1964. However, Barbados forms part of the Masonic Triangle. The Masonic Triangle England 1066 Independence, America 1776 Independence and Barbados 1966 Independence 66, 76, 66.

      In the King James Bible Luke 13: 9-16 Jesus Christ emphasizes the number of the BEAST (18). In modern times you have this N0: 18 openly displayed under the signs Cigarettes and Alcohol not to be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

      The “Ancient Charges” taught to all Masons. To be cautious” so that not even “the most penetrating stranger” can find out “what is not proper to be intimated, to “divert a discourse and manage it prudently for the honour of the worshipful fraternity”-in short to fulfil the motto of the Grand Lodge Crest:” Aude, Vide, Tace” 

      (Hear, see and be Silent).

      Spiritual Wickedness in High Places – Freemasonry Brotherhood of Conspiracy

      “In Freemasonry today the three great principles on which our movement rests – brotherly Love, Relief and Truth – have been replaced by Envy, Hypocrisy and Lies-A Freemason’s Word of honour, which was once regarded as sacrosanct and something to be relied upon now has no moral worth whatsoever.”

      The Masonic Poet W.B. Yeats Wrote “Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.

      Masonic Mafia aims to protect each other, to protect Freemasonry and to protect the establishment in which Masons strive and prosper.

      29th June 1986 revealed in the People and The News of The World Newspapers, Manchester, England top Police Deputy Chief Constable John Stalker became the victim of a plot by Freemasons that stretches from Belfast – Northern Ireland to London- Whitehall. Officer Stalker made enemies with his inquiries into an alleged Police, Royal Ulster Constabulary shoot to kill policy.

      Barbados was not granted Independence in 1964. 1966 with England & America = 6 + 6 + 6 =18 The Masonic Triangle.


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