Barbados linked to the ‘666’ Masonic Triangle?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE SIGN OF THE BEAST and Barbados, a Masonic Island.  What Independence?  England and Barbados Records certify England granted Barbados Full Internal Self Government in May, awaiting 30 November 1966 signing of Independence Document that could have been signed in 1964.  However, Barbados forms part of the Masonic Triangle.  The Masonic Triangle England 1066 Independence, America 1776 Independence and Barbados 1966 Independence 66, 76, 66.

In the King James Bible Luke 13: 9-16 Jesus Christ emphasizes the number of the BEAST (18). In modern times you have this N0: 18 openly displayed under the signs Cigarettes and Alcohol not to be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

The “Ancient Charges” taught to all Masons. To be cautious” so that not even “the most penetrating stranger” can find out “what is not proper to be intimated, to “divert a discourse and manage it prudently for the honour of the worshipful fraternity”-in short to fulfil the motto of the Grand Lodge Crest:” Aude, Vide, Tace” 

(Hear, see and be Silent).

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places – Freemasonry Brotherhood of Conspiracy

“In Freemasonry today the three great principles on which our movement rests – brotherly Love, Relief and Truth – have been replaced by Envy, Hypocrisy and Lies-A Freemason’s Word of honour, which was once regarded as sacrosanct and something to be relied upon now has no moral worth whatsoever.”

The Masonic Poet W.B. Yeats Wrote “Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.

Masonic Mafia aims to protect each other, to protect Freemasonry and to protect the establishment in which Masons strive and prosper.

29th June 1986 revealed in the People and The News of The World Newspapers, Manchester, England top Police Deputy Chief Constable John Stalker became the victim of a plot by Freemasons that stretches from Belfast – Northern Ireland to London- Whitehall. Officer Stalker made enemies with his inquiries into an alleged Police, Royal Ulster Constabulary shoot to kill policy.

Barbados was not granted Independence in 1964. 1966 with England & America = 6 + 6 + 6 =18.  The Masonic Triangle.   Jerry Nurse

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Barbados linked to the ‘666’ Masonic Triangle?”

  1. @Home
    NOVEMBER 17, 2016 AT 1:54 PM

    You are not describing me, at all. The commentator, Jeffrey Ifill
    NOVEMBER 17, 2016 AT 1:01 PM, seems to want to impart some knowledge but stop short of an explicit explanation. Why? if you want people to comprehend then stop with tidbits and provide full knowledge.


  2. Come on my brother what’s the problem, after enjoying the fruits and suckling the sweet milk from the mother, you sound a bit dishearten. Do not be my friend look around our beautiful island every body is happy and enjoying themselves. This is a special island of course some don’t want to believe that but; can’t give away to much, why has this nation prospered so much do you think it is by accident no, it is by design. Have you not wondered why we always seem to ride out every economic crisis that has paralyzed every country around us. Why does this tiny nation of BARBADOS has one of the few obelisk(cenotaph) in the world, coincidence not by a long shot. There is one in Washington DC at the White House, one at the Vatican in Rome more than one in the UK, accidently I think not why don’t you enlighten the chosen nation of our people. Why is someone from the Royal Family always turning up in Barbados on these “special occasions” . Let us all drink and make merry on our GOLDEN JUBELIE and strive to keep the triangle stronger than ever. GOD BLESS BARBADOS.

    Your humble servant.



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