Ben Carson distances himself from the Trump transition team

Ben Carson Opted Against Trump’s Cabinet Position

WASHINGTON, DC (Naked Departure) — BEN CARSON — Run Ben, Run!!  What do you do when you come face-to-face with evil, YOU RUN!!

The retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a former 2016 Republican presidential candidate who is an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, has opted against accepting a Cabinet position in the Trump administration, his spokesman said on Tuesday.

How can Ben Carson say he has no federal experience as the reason he is pulling away from Trump’s transition team?   After all, he did throw his hat into the 2016 presidential race, didn’t he?  C’mon man Ben!  Just say it!  You are an educated Uncle Tom, not fully an Uncle Tom, but enough Uncle Tom, just barely an Uncle Tom… and with that, you know when to RUN!  Run Ben, run!

Naked Departure


6 thoughts on “Ben Carson Opted Against Trump’s Cabinet Position”

  1. I Personally believed he Wright to refused the Bone ! after all Other Dog’s are getting Bone’s With Meat On them ! Some got Ham bone’s With Meat ! Chicken bones With Meat ! Turkey bone’s also ! and give the black Man ! a Lizard bone , ya Expect the Man to Eat that. and dead ! after all he got feeling’s too ! Look at the Man Photo ! Face Skin up When he see that Lizard bone ! No Meat at all On it . Bajan to the bone! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man ! 👍👍👍


    1. that will teach him and the other black ppl out there to see things as they really are and be true to them selves, cause iam still saying how can ben carson support a man the speak ill of women and speak racism,how dumb can he be, BEN CARSON shame you again cause you allowed your self to be used and mislead black ppl cause most if not all of them look up to you as a man of high intelligence, you are a dog, since you cant do anything with your bone do like what most ppl do, go bury your bone,


  2. Ben Carson is the perfect example of the saying ” Education is not common sense ” . You can give someone an Education but you cannot give or teach them common sense , and that’s exactly what Ben Carson is . . . a fing idiot.
    Again he is the perfect example of a Black American ass
    e who used the ladder of ” Affirmative action ” to to get to the top and once at the top he kicked the ladder away so that no other black people can use it.
    Like Charlie Rich said in his 1973 hit record NO ONE KNOWS WHAT GOES ON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS . . . . . well behind closed doors white America still see Ben Carson as a ‘ stupid N “.
    Look at Uncle Tom Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas , up to this day he still does not have the support of white America.


  3. this man is one of the brightest black minds, and he could have gone on to do great things,top neu surgeon,,writer of books, but once again we have seem a bright black mind that have been thinking white for years,,in all of his greatness he couldnt see past that white cloud,, the thing that fooled him all his life, he was a trump supporter ,, even now after the USA elections he dont know if he is all white or all black because of a twisted way of thinking,, brain wash by the white man, a man with such intelligents is now lost haunted by his own past by his own life by his own doings,, blinded by someone else light,,now lost in his folly,, he cant bring him self to accept the position offered,,you know why he woke up too late, now in his mind he is a black man doing time, locked away hiding from shame, he is now the laughing stock of the town, after being suck a good slave for trump they offered him a position like they would give a dog a bone for a trick well done, you could have accepted the job, and continued to wagged your tail, like a good dog, but you walked away with your head down and tail between your legs, you could have use that position to speak out and fight for blacks, there is nothing saying you cant just because you took the job, cause you can publicly air your views, once again MR BEN CARSON you have failed black ppl,,, the finial act the final trick , lay down and play dead like any good dog would do,, london have fallen


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