Nino's by the Sea

Lee-Ann Daniel of Nino’s By the Sea

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Goodnight Naked.  This lady Lee-Ann Daniel that is manager of Nino’s By the Sea, she is a very wicked, bad-minded woman.  Lee-Ann suppose to be a manager but she behaves like the boss and do as she likes.  If she has to come work for 11 she coming all at 3-4 because she’s too busy living with some man at her house.  If she vex she will come to work and don’t speak to you.  During working hours and you looking for her, where is she?  Outside in the dark smoking or in somebody shop drinking and that is manager but still have a heart to cry you down to the boss and you’re the one who is helping the man business stay up.

She is involved with this man by the name Marcus Bryan, within a week they were together she bring him into the business and had him as manager also and betrayed every staff member that was helping out because she want the money just go to him, her and a cleaner that’s how dread she is.  She comes to work as she like, don’t deal with the stock properly, she shouts at you during service etc.  She has the nastiest attitude with the staff like if she did any work, all at night she leave all the man gas on, lights on, windows open and all the wares knock all over the place and then she complain like it was your fault.

She seems fussy she has a man but let him know about all the men you **** from Sp’town even the rasta bulling one that you don’t know about but he wouldn’t mind with his bulling self also.  Anytime you try to bring down someone make sure you’re better than them and this woman right is not the one.  You can have a child, bills, something important to deal with and she don’t care she will fired on that same day and the boss don’t know about it and know why because she wants to keep everything for Marcus and herself that’s why today them have to be struggling because you’re wicked.

I can’t tell no one what to do but whoever looking to apply there, be prepared for the fun from her and her man.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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