She called Michelle Obama an ape - Pamela Ramsey Taylor

Meet Pamela Ramsey Taylor of West Virginia

Pamela Ramsey Taylor

WEST VIRGINIA, USA (Naked Departure) — PAMELA RAMSEY TAYLOR — First, let it be known that West Virginia has a reputation for inbreeding and idiots.  Then, secondly,  take a look at this woman, Pamela Taylor, who’s calling a beautiful woman an ape, and you be the judge.


Here is what she said: “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House.  I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

Recently it has been reported she’s been placed on leave from her official government position in WV.  She’s also planning on suing the millions of people who are calling her a racist.

Good luck with your looks and with that lawsuit Pamela!!  Naked Departure

21 thoughts on “Meet Pamela Ramsey Taylor of West Virginia”

  1. Whites are such hypocrites. They just love this “don’t judge us all…” f#ckery but are quite happy to judge the black race by whatever negative stereotypes their brethren show the world via their media. They say “I have black friends…” like they deserve a f#cking prize for allowing blacks to be “friends” with them, which says how they view blacks. Worst of all, they will pretend not to agree with this degenerate, melanin-deficient, inbred, fat, ugly, subhuman bitch, will comment thus on a blog, but will they stand with blacks to fight racism/ white supremacy? Will they call for an end to unequal distribution of wealth and resources? Will they fight the oppressive legislation like ‘three strikes’ and ‘stop and frisk’? Calling for an end to the covert continuation of slavery via their prison system? How about the return of the lands stolen? Never. They happily live off it (their actions), while saying (their words) “we don’t agree”. Newsflash dumbass hypocrites: THAT’S RACIST. If you aren’t a part of the solution you’re a part of the problem; either you’re fighting for equality, or you’re maintaining things the way they are. This is why an official feels free to speak as she does; because she knows she’s in majority-white-and-racist WV.


  2. And white people call people of color savages!!!!

    They show their ugliness each and every time a Black person is involved in anything. Always. They have to fix that problem with themselves. It’s their problem. Hateful MFers!!!!!

    Call them out each and every time.


  3. Dear author, this woman does not speak for the whole state. Do not lump us all together as incestuous bigots. I did not vote for president Obama and it had nothing to do race. I do think the (very lovely) first lady made a difference regarding school lunches. I’ve also enjoyed her eloquent speeches. They speak to all political parties.


  4. A Gorgeous Black Woman Of the Earth and Of God’s Precious Creation , Who took his time in Creating the Most Beautiful People On his Planet! the Black Race , to Show the Rest Of the World ! how beautiful the Colour black really is , and What it Meant to him ! to Sit On his throne and admired the beautiful Colour black! above all Other’s ! What a beautiful God ! he is to Love Such a beautiful Colour that’s hated by the Colour White!!!!!! WOW! ! ! ! ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! !2016 Bad Man!


    1. My goodness Pamela Ramsey Taylor, you would rather see a dumb blonde in heels and maybe cloths, as apposed too a beautiful, BLACK, educated, sophisticated Woman in the White House…Really! Michelle Obama has CLASS, and she is Smart, the likes of which the White House won’t see for the next five years.
      So, go loss some weight, get a brain while you are at it and just maybe you can educate your dumbass self….Trinidad!


  5. Michelle Obama is a national treasure and the most dignified and gracious First Lady this nation has ever had. Once again racism rises to the surface, and a very oily surface it is. Please, stop all this bigotry and let love reign!


  6. It’s JUST the result of the elction,as it was expected,nothing else.The american race war looks near.And people such as Pamela Ramsey Taylor are just catalysts.Thay are green.They don’t even have an imagnation how wors it can go.GOOD LUCK AMERICA.


  7. i since heard she pamela ramsey taylor lost her job at some place where she work, she should have lost her life just for thinking and talking that way about a person, a person who she dont know never met, a person like MRS OBAMA who have touch some many ppl lives in such a great way, and who have reach a level where she would pamela ramsey taylor will never go never reach, its a sad day in the history of the USA, beginning with the TRUMP win, as they say second worst day in american history ,,, 9 / 11,,, and 11 / 9,,


    1. Do not judge the entire state for what one racist idiot said. Sure we have some morons, but the majority of us are not hateful bigots.


  8. LOL how funny i not long mention this thing PAMELA RAMSEY TAYLOR with the BEN CARSON issue ,, had no idea that she would be listed here, what a shame MRS OBAMA is a beauty compare to here, that PAMELA TAYLOR look like she is retaining water, face all fat and bloated, and she calling MRS OBAMA AN APE IN HEELS,, my goodness, after TRUMP as an candidate started talking the racist talk, you see how many of the white who were silent and dead got life again, and you can see the support for TRUMP on making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, or MAKING AMERICA WHITE AGAIN, but if a race war break out i hope the whites know its not only the blacks to deal with, its the mexicans the latinos the native indians so the whites better becareful


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