Wavell Avenue hot with drugs and guns

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good day Naked Departure.  Wavell Avenue by the four cross is the latest action.  Everyone is a movie star.

Sharon Glossy Ifill
Sharon Glossy Ifill

Sharon Glossy Ifill mad with the whole world.

Crystal hopping mad and cussing everyone.  All you need to do Crystal is tell the police everything you know from guns to bullets, and who is the police who supplies them.  Remember you know the officer, his nickname is Puss, a detective who even smokes with them.

Jamal Griffith, all eyes on you.  Let Lion stash his guns and weed himself.

Hollywood young chief get released from hospital.  MMG, wanna ain’t know about gun battle, watch wanna ass.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Wavell Avenue hot with drugs and guns”

  1. Ppl got time too really sit down and bother bout ppl.The time this person got too go on naked and write bout ppl,I’m quite sure all the ppl mentioned above are gainfully employed and making something of them self.Dont blame no body for the way your life is …start with the man in the mirror. This have too be jealousy or just plain illiteracy. But this person who ever you is next time you going too but Windex too clean some one glass windows but 2 bottles and start with your own.It seems aa though you have a big problem with the mmg and Jamal but when you have birds in the pasture don’t throw stones….uou should ask naked for a real job so you can get an active N.I.S #…enough said


    1. WHAT HYPOCRISY!!!! You are the biggest hypocrite ever!!! only PEDOPHILES, INCESTUOUS PEOPLE, CROOKS, LIARS, ETC. want to take away people’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH. People have a MOUTH and they have the FREEDOM to talk…., it’s the first thing you teach a human baby…. to WALK AND TALK. Stay away from this blog because this is what we promote. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. and to think, you actually wrote more than the blogger. you are a HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Barbados wicked and corrupt Police force again. A Detective named alias Puss he and his boys needs locking up as they always work in a gang.


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