Barbadians should drink and make merry!

BARBADOS/FREEMASONRY/POLITICS (Naked Departure) — ALL HAIL THE QUEEN — Come on my brother, what’s the problem?  After enjoying the fruits and suckling the sweet milk from the mother (Freemasonry), you sound a bit disheartened.  Do not be my friend.  Look around our beautiful island, everybody is happy and enjoying themselves.

This is a special island, of course, some don’t want to believe that but I can’t give away too much.  Why has this nation prospered so much?  Do you think it is by accident?  No.  It is by design.  Have you not wondered why we always seem to ride out every economic crisis that has paralyzed every country around us?  Why does this tiny nation of BARBADOS have one of the few obelisk (cenotaph) in the world?  Coincidence?  Not by a long shot!


There is one in Washington DC at the White House, one at the Vatican in Rome and more than one in the UK.  Accidental?  I think not!  Why don’t you enlighten the chosen nation of our people.  Why is someone from the Royal Family always turning up in Barbados on these “special occasions”.

Let us all drink and make merry on our GOLDEN JUBILEE and strive to keep the triangle stronger than ever.  GOD BLESS BARBADOS.  Your humble servant.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Barbadians should drink and make merry!”

  1. Hi Naked the mother is not England, it’s FREEMASONRY. Some people always seems to have a sad story when thing don’t go they way; I am referring to the guy who wrote about the date for independence. There is a reason why everything happens, nothing happens by chance.


  2. WHY! are Poor Barbadians Suffering and dropping dead ! While the Elite Live High and Mighty ! Prosperous ??? Only 5% are Prosperous , the remaining 95%%% are Struggling to Survived! I’m not Sure if your eyesight is Well! You Should have them Check Urgently! Idolatry Would Vanished ! But God’s Love Would always be alive.


      1. Nehemiah that’s a very powerful hope you are doing it justice. I’m not speaking of any 5%. Just sit a moment and ponder, our parents and fore parents survived all types of brutality to put us where we are today with less education and far less money. Have you ever thought that if they had the money, education and technology which we now have what would life be like now. Stop complaining, they have put us in first gear why can’t we select second gear move on and so that at least our children can shift to third gear and build a better future for their children.


    1. If you believe God’s love is so alive then why are you suffering. Stop sitting and use the tools at your disposal. Stop cry, dry your tears I am sure you’ll see better. Try to maximize your limited resources separate your wants from your needs, try it you may surprise yourself and others. Worrying about the elite is not going to help you only you!!!


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