Chanel Mayes

Chanel Mayes

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHANEL MAYES – Naked, this one Chanel Mayes, how do I start.  Chanel, it is good you get up and start trying to do hair because selling clothes was not working for you.  They were too expensive and the quality just wasn’t there.


And talking people’s name?  Chanel,  talk about your mother, how is her business doing?   Your child father don’t give that little boy nothing.  You sometimes don’t have anything to eat but you still used to let him come and live with you for nothing.  Seems you get tired of that.  But instead of you and Tarion getting and bashing people, you should do something with that bad belly you got.  You feel you look real good but people need to stop letting you put your hands in their hair because you need to get some classes.


You want to put that little boy in everything and don’t have a cent to afford it.

Mess, stop mind people business and mind yours.  You would sleep with anybody, stop doing it for free and get something for it and buy proper panties to pull over your belly.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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