Nisha Craigwell

Digicel Play Saga – Nisha Craigwell

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Digicel Play Saga — Naked, people does wanna talk about the things people does do to get a job, but Digicel ain’t easy… people sleeping with manager sisters, husbands and all just to get a lil job and promotion.

Nisha Craigwell and she crusty wig is an incompetent infertile manager who hire and promote all she friends to cover she ass after the 1st post come out. She never manage a soul in she life.

Sabrina just get promote, but only cause Nisha husband is Sabrina child god father. Believe she get promote and don’t even be with she team. But at least she getting supervisor salary.

Chad just get a job because he fucking Nisha sister … Nisha does send he sales to make her sister happy than actually do her job and make sure everyone gets.

Creeta – use to work with Nisha at Flow. She just get fired. Nisha does give her sales and she about to get promote and barely there for a month.

Creshonni- She mudda is Nisha friend, carrying way ppl sales and Nisha defending she.. smh

You see wa people does gotta deal wid in there? In their worse than KM2.

Now they sending home people that does bring in sales, while people in there getting promote and never hit their monthly target (Sabrina).

Maria- I coming for you next- red bi***. Ain’t no magazine can save you. Anonymous

Naked Departure

7 thoughts on “Digicel Play Saga – Nisha Craigwell”

  1. let me guess, you made 1 sale for the year, and have a shitty attitude, that’s probably why you aint promoted. mind your fg business and stop looking at others. people like you can never survive outside Barbadian borders


  2. all I can do is laugh at some of these letters barely a month and she about to get promote you mean she about to get put on staff its so funny how you think its done like that if you mind your business you would get promote too this letter is bare FUCKERY


      1. if you live in a small community, wouldn’t/shouldn’t you pool together to help each other and live good, decent lives? if you live in a small community, wouldn’t you set an example to the world…since it is easy to perfect a model within small spaces? Since you live in a small community, wouldn’t you be honest in dealing with each other since karma circulates rapidly in small communities based on degrees of separation? No?


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