What happened to Hillary Clinton?

What happened to Hillary Clinton?

WASHINGTON, DC (Naked Departure) — HILLARY CLINTON — To say that Hillary Clinton looks like death warmed over is cruel…, but she does look different from a couple of weeks ago.  The stress of losing her run for the White House is showing.  Where is her makeup team when she so desperately needs them!

This is a photo of Hillary Clinton after showing up and giving a speech at a gala for the Children’s Defense Fund.  As she stated during her speech, it wasn’t easy for her to even show up to the event as she seemed to be living in a nightmare and heartbreak since November 8, 2016.

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “What happened to Hillary Clinton?”

  1. I don’t think make up can do anything for her right now that’s called the agony of defeat but she does look like she’s seen the angel of death


  2. SHE! believed the Pollster’s false information! and treated it as Gospel ! and the real Result’s actually Killed her Spirit and everything about her !and On her ! it’s the true appearance of death ! her flesh is actually dead.

    A lot Of the Pollsters going through the Said Fate ! Never Judge People Word’s ! Judge their action’s ! Action’s Speak Louder than Word’s ! I Love ITT!


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